Past A-Z Challenges

2023 - Semi Truck Art (and a random tree!)

2022 - Randomness (again!)  Didn't complete the challenge, tho

2021 - skipped
2020 - skipped

2019 -  Favorite Things / Guilty Pleasures
Theme Reveal
Amateur Radio
Booze? Burgers? Blogging!
Chuck? Collections? Critters!
Dance Momming
My "I Love Me" wall
My Little Urban Jungles
Lilacs & other spring flowers
Quiet Riot and other hair bands
RuPaul's Drag Race
Search & Rescue
US Navy
Weather Spotting
YouTube and social media

2018 - Exploring Detroit
Theme Reveal
Ambassador Bridge
Belle Isle
Comerica Park / Campus Martius / Cobo Hall
Detroit Institute of Arts / Dequindre Cut
Eastern Market
Ford Field
Greektown Hotel Casino / GAR building
Hockeytown Cafe / Hitsville USA / Hart Plaza / Hard Rock Cafe
The Ilitches
Joe Louis Fist / Joe Louis Arena
'Detroit, Michigan' by Kid Rock
Little Caesars Arena / Detroit Public Library
Manoogian Mansion / Motor City Hotel Casino / Michigan Central Station / MGM Grand
Notable People
Detroit Opera House
People Mover / Detroit Princess Riverboat
Quality Protection
Renaissance Center / Riverwalk / Rivard Plaza
Spirit of Detroit
USS Detroit LCS-7
Wayne County Building / Wayne State University / Windsor Detroit Tunnel
Xoxhi's Mexican Imports / Xochimilco Restaurant
Detroit Yacht Club / YMCA
Detroit Zoo
Reflections / Bonus Pics

2017 - My favorite hair bands songs
Theme Reveal
Animal / Angel Eyes / All Lips & Hips / Angel
Bringing on the Heartbreak / Bang Bang / Bad Medicine / Ballad of Jayne
Cradle of Love / Calling on You / Can't Get Enough / Coming Home
Dreams / Dirty Love / Dr. Feelgood / Don't Know What You Got Til It's Gone
Enter Sandman / Everything About You / 18 & Life / Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Foolin / Free / Fly to the Angels 
Give it to me Good / Girls, Girls, Girls / God gave Rock & Roll / Girlschool
Hysteria / High Enough / House of Fire / Home Sweet Home
I Can't Drive 55 / I Wanna Rock / In & Out of Love / I Remember You
Jump / Janie's Got a Gun / Just Got Lucky / Just Like Paradise
Kickstart My Heart / Kiss Me Deadly / Kashmir / Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Love Bites / Lay Your Hands on Me / Last Mile / Love of a Lifetime
Miss Mystery / Money Talks / Man In the Box / Mama I'm Coming Home
Nobody's Fool / Nothin' But a Good Time / no More Tears / November Rain
Once Bitten, Twice Shy / One in a Million / One / Other Side
Pour Some Sugar on Me / Poison / Panama / Patience
Quiet Riot
Rock of Ages / Rock You Like a Hurricane / Round & Round / Rebel Yell
Shake me / Seventeen / Smooth Up In Ya / Smokin in the Boys Room
Too late for Love / Turn Up the Radio / Talk Dirty to Me / Tease Me, Please Me
Unskinny Bop / Up All Night / Used to Love her / Uncle Tom's Cabin
Women / We're Not Gonna Take It / Welcome to the Jungle / Without You
Let's Put the X in Sex / Extreme
You Shook Me / Your Mama Don't Dance / You Give Love a Bad Name / Youth Gone Wild
ZZ Top

2016 - Halloween goodies of the Maple Grove Cemetery (my H'ween display)
Theme Reveal
About the Maple Grove Cemetery
Candle Holders
Ideas & Thoughts
Jack O Lanterns
Kitchen O Witches
Mini-cemetery & Monster Trucks
Odds & Ends
Plants / Pillows / Project
Quiet Poem
Towels / Terrarium
Zombie Music

2015 - Navy Sea Stories
Theme Reveal & Timeline
USS Abraham Lincoln CVN72
Beach Det / Bahrain
USS Canopus AS34
Diego Garcia
I love meEEEEE wall
First in its Class, Third in the Race
Going Postal
HazMat Spill Drill / a ghost story (part 1)
Hong Kong (part 2)
Jebal Ali
Kings Bay
Launch & Recovery onboard a Carrier
Meeting Friends
Nassau (part 1)
Norfolk (part 2)
One - Five Day
Physical Readiness (or lack thereof)
Steel Beach (part 1)
Singapore (part 2)
Tiger Cruise
Very Funny (or not)
What? A wife?
Xtra Cool Stuff
Y did I join the Navy?
Zzzzzzz sleeping on a ship

2015 - Inspirational Women
Theme Reveal
Anna Atkins
Bachiller, Angela
Lt. Colleen Cain
Dorothea Lange
Einar Mogens Wegener
Fields, Stagecoach Mary
RAdm Grace Hopper
Lt. Hultgreen, Kara Spears
Isadora Duncan
Jacqueline Cochran
Krone, Julie
Linda Finch
Adm. Michelle Howard
Night Witches
Odette Sansom
Maj. Penney, Heather
Queler, Eve
Ruby Bridges
Sarah Rector
JrLt. Tereshkova, Valentina
BrigGen. Vaught, Wilma
Williams, Cathay
Xiaoying, Lou
Yousafzai, Malala
Zaharias, Babe Didriksen

2014 - Michigan & Navy stuff
Theme Reveal
Ambassador Bridge
Blue Angels
Challenge Coins
Dorie Miller
Edmund Fitzgerald
45th Parallel
Gypsy / Gregory
Halloween Garden
Interesting Michigan Facts
Just a Critter
La Goulou
National Parks
'Oh, that's a lot'
Post-Mortem Photography
Victorian Wardian Case
Wait - I have an accent?
Ziegfeld Follies.

2014 - Noms
Theme Reveal
A is for Asparagus
B is for Banana Bread
C is for Cactus Pear Fruit
D is for Dates
E is for Eggs
F is for Flaxseed Meal
G is for Grapes
H is for Hemp
I is for Ice Water
J is for Jicama
K is for Kelp
L is for Lentils
M is for Milk
N is for Nuts
O is for Oatmeal
P is for Pumpkin
Q is for Quinoa   3 years in a row!!!
R is for Relief & Routines
S is for Sweets
T is for tea
U is for Ugli Fruit
V is for Vitamins
W is for Watermelon
X is for Xigua
Y is for Yams
Z is for Zucchini

2013 - more random stuff that makes me happy
A is for Animal Instinct
B is for Blow Molds
C is for Clouds
D is for Detroit
E is for Eagles
F is for Flowers
G is for Grumpy Cat
H is for Hysteria
I is for Ice Sculptures
J is for Jose Cuervo
K is for Kitties & Kisses
L is for Lighthouses
M is for Military Funerals
N is for NASA
O is for Octopus
P is for Pyromania
Q is for Quotes
R is for Random Cool Weather Stuff
S is for Seasons
T is for the Time Warp
U is for Under the Sea
V is for Virgo
W is for Wakenings
X is for Xs & Os
Y is for 'Y U No..."
Z is for Zetterberg

2013 - Health Stuff (from the blog that got merged into this one)
A is for Attitude
B is for Bellydancing
C is for Cardio
D is for Dance
E is for Exercise those Arms!
F is for Fruit
G is for Goals
H is for Horseback Riding
I is for Inspirational Quotes
J is for Journal
K is for Kale
L is for Leslie Sansone
M is for Model My Diet
N is for Naked
O is for The Oatmeal
P is for Paczki
Q is for Quotes
R is for Richard Simmons
S is for Spaghetti Squash
T is for Tea
U is for Unique
V is for Veggies
W is for Wii Fit
X is for Xs & Os
Y is for Yams
Z is for Zucchini

2012 - random stuff that makes me happy.
Theme Reveal
A is for Apple Blossoms
B is for the Buckstaff Bathhouse
C is for Cats
D is for Dance
E is for Emergency Communications
F is for Fall
G is for Graveyards
H is for Halloween Horses
I is for Invisible
J is for Jack
K is for Kickline
L is for Losing Weight
M is for the Michigan Accent
N is for Nutcrackers
O is for Oh Crap!
P is for Puppies
Q is for Quinoa
R is for Red Wings Hockey
S is for 'Shack'
T is for Trucks
U is for US Navy
V is for VF213
W is for 'When I'm an Old Lady'
X is for X marks the spot
Y is for Yodelling
Z is for Zulu

2012 - Health Stuff (from the blog that got merged into this one)
Theme Reveal
A is for Activity
B is for BMI
C is for Cardio
D is for DWLZ
E is for Ease into It!
F is for Friend Makin' Mondays
G is for Goal
H is for Hypnosis
I is for Intervention
J is for Journal
K is for Kale
L is for Lookin' Good!
M is for Munchies
N is for Night Time
O is for O Happy Day!
P is for Paleo
Q is for Quinoa
R is for Richard Simmons
S is for Smoothies
T is for Tools
U is for Ugly Food
V is for Vegetarian
W is for Whatever
X is for Xtreme Sports
Y is for Yoga
Z is for Zumba