Past A-Z Challenges

2017 - My favorite hair bands songs
Theme Reveal
Animal / Angel Eyes / All Lips & Hips / Angel
Bringing on the Heartbreak / Bang Bang / Bad Medicine / Ballad of Jayne
Cradle of Love / Calling on You / Can't Get Enough / Coming Home
Dreams / Dirty Love / Dr. Feelgood / Don't Know What You Got Til It's Gone
Enter Sandman / Everything About You / 18 & Life / Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Foolin / Free / Fly to the Angels 
Give it to me Good / Girls, Girls, Girls / God gave Rock & Roll / Girlschool
Hysteria / High Enough / House of Fire / Home Sweet Home
I Can't Drive 55 / I Wanna Rock / In & Out of Love / I Remember You
Jump / Janie's Got a Gun / Just Got Lucky / Just Like Paradise
Kickstart My Heart / Kiss Me Deadly / Kashmir / Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Love Bites / Lay Your Hands on Me / Last Mile / Love of a Lifetime
Miss Mystery / Money Talks / Man In the Box / Mama I'm Coming Home
Nobody's Fool / Nothin' But a Good Time / no More Tears / November Rain
Once Bitten, Twice Shy / One in a Million / One / Other Side
Pour Some Sugar on Me / Poison / Panama / Patience
Quiet Riot
Rock of Ages / Rock You Like a Hurricane / Round & Round / Rebel Yell
Shake me / Seventeen / Smooth Up In Ya / Smokin in the Boys Room
Too late for Love / Turn Up the Radio / Talk Dirty to Me / Tease Me, Please Me
Unskinny Bop / Up All Night / Used to Love her / Uncle Tom's Cabin
Women / We're Not Gonna Take It / Welcome to the Jungle / Without You
Let's Put the X in Sex / Extreme
You Shook Me / Your Mama Don't Dance / You Give Love a Bad Name / Youth Gone Wild
ZZ Top

2016 - Halloween goodies of the Maple Grove Cemetery (my H'ween display)
Theme Reveal
About the Maple Grove Cemetery
Candle Holders
Ideas & Thoughts
Jack O Lanterns
Kitchen O Witches
Mini-cemetery & Monster Trucks
Odds & Ends
Plants / Pillows / Project
Quiet Poem
Towels / Terrarium
Zombie Music

2015 - Navy Sea Stories
Theme Reveal & Timeline
A is for USS Abraham Lincoln CVN72
B is for Beach Det / Bahrain
C is for USS Canopus AS34
D is for Diego Garcia
E is for I love meEEEEE wall
F is for First in its Class, Third in the Race
G is for Going Postal
H (part 1) is for HazMat Spill Drill (a ghost story)
H (part 2) is for Hong Kong
I is for Initiations
J is for Jebal Ali
K is for Kings Bay
L is for Launch & Recovery onboard a Carrier
M is for Meeting Friends
N (part 1) is for Nassau
N (part 2) is for Norfolk
O is for One - Five Day
P is for Physical Readiness (or lack thereof)
Q is for Queasy
R is for Reenlistment
S (part 1) is for Steel Beach
S (part 2) is for Singapore
T is for Tiger Cruise
U is for Underway
V is for Very Funny (or not)
W is for 'What? A wife?'
X is for Xtra Cool Stuff
Y is for Y did I join the Navy?
Z is for Zzzzzzz sleeping on a ship

2015 - Inspirational Women
Theme Reveal
A is for Anna Atkins
B is for Bachiller, Angela
C is for Lt. Colleen Cain
D is for Dorothea Lange
E is for Einar Mogens Wegener
F is for Fields, Stagecoach Mary
G is for RAdm Grace Hopper
H is for Lt. Hultgreen, Kara Spears
I is for Isadora Duncan
J is for Jacqueline Cochran
K is for Krone, Julie
L is for Linda Finch
M is for Adm. Michelle Howard
N is for the Night Witches
O is for Odette Sansom
P is for Maj. Penney, Heather
Q is for Queler, Eve
R is for Ruby Bridges
S is for Sarah Rector
T is for JrLt. Tereshkova, Valentina
V is for BrigGen. Vaught, Wilma
W is for Williams, Cathay
X is for Xiaoying, Lou
Y is for Yousafzai, Malala
Z is for Zaharias, Babe Didriksen

2014 - Michigan & Navy stuff
Theme Reveal
A is for Ambassador Bridge
B is for the Blue Angels
C is for Challenge Coins
D is for Dorie Miller
E is for Edmund Fitzgerald
F is for 45th Parallel
G is for Gypsy / Gregory
H is for Halloween Garden
I is for Interesting Michigan Facts
J is for Just a Critter
K is for Kitch-iti-kipi
L is for La Goulou
M is for Modelling
N is for National Parks
O is for 'Oh, that's a lot'
P is for Post-Mortem Photography
Q is for Queens
R is for Rust
S is for Shellback
T is for Taphophile
U is for Utica
V is for Victorian Wardian Case
W is for 'Wait - I have an accent?'
X is for X
Y is for Yspilanti
Z is for Ziegfeld Follies.

2014 - Noms
Theme Reveal
A is for Asparagus
B is for Banana Bread
C is for Cactus Pear Fruit
D is for Dates
E is for Eggs
F is for Flaxseed Meal
G is for Grapes
H is for Hemp
I is for Ice Water
J is for Jicama
K is for Kelp
L is for Lentils
M is for Milk
N is for Nuts
O is for Oatmeal
P is for Pumpkin
Q is for Quinoa   3 years in a row!!!
R is for Relief & Routines
S is for Sweets
T is for tea
U is for Ugli Fruit
V is for Vitamins
W is for Watermelon
X is for Xigua
Y is for Yams
Z is for Zucchini

2013 - more random stuff that makes me happy
A is for Animal Instinct
B is for Blow Molds
C is for Clouds
D is for Detroit
E is for Eagles
F is for Flowers
G is for Grumpy Cat
H is for Hysteria
I is for Ice Sculptures
J is for Jose Cuervo
K is for Kitties & Kisses
L is for Lighthouses
M is for Military Funerals
N is for NASA
O is for Octopus
P is for Pyromania
Q is for Quotes
R is for Random Cool Weather Stuff
S is for Seasons
T is for the Time Warp
U is for Under the Sea
V is for Virgo
W is for Wakenings
X is for Xs & Os
Y is for 'Y U No..."
Z is for Zetterberg

2013 - Health Stuff
A is for Attitude
B is for Bellydancing
C is for Cardio
D is for Dance
E is for Exercise those Arms!
F is for Fruit
G is for Goals
H is for Horseback Riding
I is for Inspirational Quotes
J is for Journal
K is for Kale
L is for Leslie Sansone
M is for Model My Diet
N is for Naked
O is for The Oatmeal
P is for Paczki
Q is for Quotes
R is for Richard Simmons
S is for Spaghetti Squash
T is for Tea
U is for Unique
V is for Veggies
W is for Wii Fit
X is for Xs & Os
Y is for Yams
Z is for Zucchini

2012 - random stuff that makes me happy.
Theme Reveal
A is for Apple Blossoms
B is for the Buckstaff Bathhouse
C is for Cats
D is for Dance
E is for Emergency Communications
F is for Fall
G is for Graveyards
H is for Halloween Horses
I is for Invisible
J is for Jack
K is for Kickline
L is for Losing Weight
M is for the Michigan Accent
N is for Nutcrackers
O is for Oh Crap!
P is for Puppies
Q is for Quinoa
R is for Red Wings Hockey
S is for 'Shack'
T is for Trucks
U is for US Navy
V is for VF213
W is for 'When I'm an Old Lady'
X is for X marks the spot
Y is for Yodelling
Z is for Zulu

2012 - Health Stuff
Theme Reveal
A is for Activity
B is for BMI
C is for Cardio
D is for DWLZ
E is for Ease into It!
F is for Friend Makin' Mondays
G is for Goal
H is for Hypnosis
I is for Intervention
J is for Journal
K is for Kale
L is for Lookin' Good!
M is for Munchies
N is for Night Time
O is for O Happy Day!
P is for Paleo
Q is for Quinoa
R is for Richard Simmons
S is for Smoothies
T is for Tools
U is for Ugly Food
V is for Vegetarian
W is for Whatever
X is for Xtreme Sports
Y is for Yoga
Z is for Zumba