Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Explore Detroit - C #atozchallenge

Come along with me and explore the beauty & general awesomeness of Detroit, A to Z !

We have a couple offerings for "C". 

Since baseball season is officially underway, let's start out with the home of the Detroit Tigers!
I've seen many a wedding / senior picture taken under this guy!
This time it's simply Miss Angela.
I don't have any personal photos inside the ballpark since I'm not a big baseball fan and haven't been to a game in 15+ years. 
It's a very cool park, tho. 
This is taken from approximately Hockeytown Cafe -
you can see Ford Field (home of the Detroit Lions) peeking thru. 

This is the official center of Detroit, a lovely grassy park that hosts many concerts & events like Motown Winter Blast. The Monday before Thanksgiving is the Official Detroit Christmas Tree lighting The seasonal ice rink was built to resemble the one in Rockefeller Center, but is bigger! From here is where the area's "Mile Roads" to the north begin. I live near the equivalent of 21 Mile Rd (thanks to the inevitable same road/different name that happens around here) 
photo credit - the Detroit Hub

The convention center that hosts events like the North American International Auto Show every year. 


  1. Catching up on my blog reading after a trip to Washington for Sophia's graduation. Great A to Z posts, I've never been to Detroit but I'd certainly use your blog as a guide to the city.

  2. I've watched the Pistons live and the Lions on TV but never a baseball game. An impressive stadium.

  3. Such cool tigers. I had not seen that before. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I never got the hang of the "N Mile Road"s.

    Comerica Park is sure different from Tigers Stadium. I used to see that al the time, being a White Sox fan.

  5. I've spent only about 4 hours in Detroit and that was to visit a place that's not even there anymore, Tigers Stadium. I visited a friend in Ohio in 1999 and since we were both baseball fans we had to go to a game at Tigers Stadium before it closed. One day I'll return to see the "new" ballpark and visit the rest of the city as well.


  6. Fantastic photos. This looks like a great place :-)


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