Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Guess what day it is?

So it looks like this is going to be another catch-up type posts.  Since it's been a while since I've posted.  For some reason, I get home and sit at the computer and just lose all ability to put words together.   I start messing with photos or reading other blogs and then poof!  Time is gone.  So I'm at work (don't tell on me!) and I've uploaded a bunch of pics from my phone and I'll just go along with how they uploaded themselves.  

Have I really not posted since my A to Z Challenge Reflections post???  Sheesh. 

We're all doing well.  The Spouse is currently at his mom's house down in Arkansas for a few more days.  He has been working from home since 'Rona hit and it's tough for him with the grandkids there, too.  They love their Papa and want to "help" him work.  And our house is so small, he's sitting at the kitchen table, so it can be loud.  So this is a nice beak for him. 
I honestly envy him, since I get home from work and get attacked.  Little Man wants me to take him outside and BabyGirl just wants to do whatever anyone else is doing.  And they want to go into my bedroom and jump around on my bed and swing pillows around, etc, etc.  I don't know what it is about my bed being the party zone!   I usually have to shoo them out just to get a few minutes to myself & catch my breath (and get mauled by cats).  And then I feel guilty and then have to force myself to go outside.  And now he wants to go on walks because we got him a bike with training wheels.  I love them to pieces, but damn.  I need a break.   
Window peeker!  
My bed is literally at the same height as the window.  Which the cats love, since they don't have to exert any effort to look out it.  And this happens!
We have a zombie boy.  
What you can't see (besides the tongue hanging out) is his eyes rolled back.
OMG - I preordered the new Def Leppard CD as soon as I saw it was a thing.  
This is 99% awesome!  They took a bunch of their songs and they're remixed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  The only one I don't like is Pour Some Sugar on Me.  Sorry, but it's awful.  I heard that some Canadian songwriter "stripped it down" and had been playing it, so they got with her for this version.  She basically took the words and put them on slow piano music.  Killed the whole vibe of the song.  Horrible.  
BabyGirl isn't fond of loud noises - so Papa's air compressor got this look.
My niece and her family came up from Ohio for a family reunion.  Her youngest is 2 weeks older than LittleMan.  And they both loved to visit with the horses at my sister's house.  And luckily, Scout loves kids right back! 
This year's Halloween display is growing by 9 headstones!  Later this summer, there will be a post about them on my other blog with the stories behind them. 2 are destined to be memorial stones for Spawn's car that got towed away and mine that was totalled by an idiot who didn't see a red light.  Another is going to have a little skeleton popping up from behind it.  And all the little ones are just going to be filler. 
I love the "Ooops" paint section of Lowes. 
I found this $50 paint for $13 and it's the perfect color for headstones!    
This is why we call BabyGirl "Monkey Do" since she'll try to do whatever she sees her brother do.  
Last weekend, Spawn and I took the grandkids kids to the Michigan HauntFest and on the way home, we stopped in Hell!  We had lunch, walked around there & got some ice cream but it was too crowded so we didn't stay long. 
Monday night, we met up with the family for dinner because my nephew and his fam were in from Chicago.  His kids had a good time playing with my grands.  
The little guy with the red glasses is almost 5 and LittleMan is exactly 3 1/2.  
And Miss Curly Locks was 2 in April and BabyGirl won't be 2 until October! 
This was the view out my window this morning around 7:30, thanks to the Canadian wildfires.  On the way home yesterday, visibility was only about 1/2 mile.  It's currently 12:30 pm and the sun is actually casting shadows but it's still hazy.    
Me & the ladies in my department at work went to JCPenney and had portraits taken, complete with the whole 80s vibe.  We laughed so hard! 

Anyhoooo - it's time to sign off!  
Random thought - I think tomorrow I'm going to get a haircut.  
I liked it when it used to be short, so I'll do that again!