Friday, April 8, 2022

G is for The Grandkids

Hi and welcome to my contribution to the 2022 April A to Z Blogging Challenge!

This is the seventh of many random things that just pop into my head that I'll be writing about for this challenge.


I always thought of grandparents as being old retired people with gray hair, since that's what my own grandparents had been.  Mom's Dad passed away before Mom & Dad got married, so I only knew Grandma and "Cliff" - her second husband.   Dad's Mom passed away when I was an infant, so I only knew Grandpa and "Nella" - his second wife.  But they were all similar in the way that I don't remember ever having a conversation with any of them, or even being acknowledged in any way.   I don't know if  it was just there were so many grandkids by the time I arrived that they had no idea who I belonged to, or what.   

They're all gone now - and I wasn't sad about any of them passing.  A kid shouldn't feel that way about their grandparents, but that's the truth.  

That being said - I never really thought about having grandkids, especially since the Spawn still lives at home.
(in our 850 sq foot, 2 bedroom home)

And there are now 5 of us in this tiny shoebox of a house. 
Little Man made his arrival on January 2, 2020.

He was originally due December 26,  but he held out to the new year. 
He was 8lb 13oz and had the biggest feets I've ever seen on a newborn!
The Spawn had been at a doctor appointment and her water broke there.  She called me at 9:30am, I met her at the hospital and he was born at 5:32pm. 
Daisy was concerned at this small noisy human!
BabyGirl made her arrival on October 18, 2021.
She was only a couple days past her due date.  I took Spawn to the hospital shortly before midnight and she was born at 2:28am.  She was 8lb 3oz, she pooped on the scale and demanded to be fed.  
She's gonna rule the world! 
On the other end of the spectrum - she's still got super tiny feets!
At first, Little Man didn't know what to think about this new addition. 
But now, they love each other and he's the best big brother ever!  

Have you ever seen this video on Facebook from It's a Southern Thing?
It's so funny!
Little Man just figured out my name and he's over 2!
I'm Ma. The Spouse is Papa, his mommy is Mama, BabyGirl is Baby.  And Rusty the orange cat is Ra. 
I love this picture - little troublemakers scoping out a cupcake.  This is at my niece's wedding reception.  The little guy in yellow belongs to another niece who came in from Ohio.  They were immediate best buddies.
BabyGirl is another one who will grow up thinking it's normal for Grandma to tote around a skeleton in a tux (see my C post) 
Rusty is either the world's most tolerant cat, or the least smart cat!  
Nothing is stopping him from getting up and leaving this area, but there he is.  And he always has to be in the middle of the action when we're all doing something. 
Little Man has occasionally sported some claw marks, because Rusty finally told him NO, and even BabyGirl has been swatted once or twice, but he's kept his claws in for that. 

As must as I wish the Spouse and I were empty-nesters, (one can't spoil the grandkids if they don't ever leave!!), I love these little people to pieces and I will always be interested in what they do and will be their biggest cheerleader!

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  1. What cute kids. How do you all manage in that small space? Visiting from the A to Z.


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