Wednesday, April 17, 2019

#AtoZChallenge - Passion?

Hi, Welcome to my little corner of the Interwebz! I'm doing a pretty random theme this year - things that make me happy / are guilty pleasures / whatever makes me... ME!

Yup - I totally stole the same word as the actual A to Z blog.  

Actually, this is a tough one.  

What is my passion?  This is a question I've wondered about for a long time.  My family, obviously.   Work?  Erm, no.  That is more or less just a paycheck.   Halloween - well, kinda.  Going to the gym?  Eeek.  No.  Being healthy?  Welp, I just had a glass of milk & some cookies, so nooooo.  Crafty, hands-on type things - I enjoy that a lot.   Being around horses - I love them, but it's not really a passion.   
LOL - her name is Passionate Kisses!
I enjoy photography, too. 
This is Detroit's skyline from Belle Isle last year on my birthday. 

I really want to make a difference in the world.  I tend to stay behind the scenes because I also have this talent that the middle of my sentences interrupt the beginning of other people's.....?  Basically people (like ALL people, anywhere) will cut me off or talk over me when I'm speaking and put in their 2 cents or change the subject or whatever.   That's kind of why I like blogging - I can say what I want & nobody can stop me.   

So yeah - the search & rescue team is great.  This pic was taken at then end of our first real activation (just last month!!)  This is definitely something that would make a difference to someone.   
Last year's Romeo Peach Parade, I was honored to be asked to carry the flag for the post.
Ignore the caption - Mitt TV never did find us - Post 2052 was immediately in front of us.

I am saving this for my "V" post, but I am a member of the VFW Old Settlers Post 4659.  February was one year that I've been a member.  Last April, I was nominated for, and voted into the position of Post Surgeon (which actually means nada - even the bylaws are vague as to what I'm supposed to do) and I'm the chairperson for a scholarship that we offer to local high school seniors.  At the last meeting, I was nominated for Post Chaplain!  I'll probably decline that nomination, tho. 

Post historian would be a cool post to have.  I do find history fascinating, which is probably why I enjoy exploring cemeteries so much. 

But then I almost feel guilty for getting involved with the VFW and SAR team, because when Spouse finally retires or leaves the job he has for whatever reason, we'll be moving to Arkansas.  Do I hold back and not look for things that I enjoy - and will make a difference in this world now?  Or dive in and then end up having to leave them all hanging?  

Maybe one day I'll figure out what I'm meant to do!



  1. The Detriot skyline look beautiful and serene. I love to click what my eye like. Today i clicked a bench and kid's play area in my Park. W e all have our passions.

  2. Sounds like you have a plethora of passions :)

    Janet’s Smiles

  3. Passion often changes with change in lifestyle. Many times we choose according to the people around us. I guess with time it will get more clear so as to what we like to do in life?


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