Saturday, January 11, 2020

I'm a Grandma!!!!

OK, if you follow me on Instagram, you knew this already!  

On January 2 at 5:32 pm, little Mr. Adam James made his much awaited appearance!

His due date was December 26.  Miss Angela & I had been out walking every day - like close to 2 miles per day, trying to move things along.  She had a doctor's appointment with her midwife on December 30, with an ultrasound and non-stress test.  They estimated he was measuring about 8 1/2 lbs then and she was dilated to 3 cm.  They told her to come back on January 2 for another non-stress test  and that the hospital would be calling her on Friday January 3 to let her know when to show up on Monday the 6th to be induced. 

She went to her appointment at 8am on the 2nd and after they examined her, her water decided to break!  So they told her to drive herself to the hospital.  She called me at work and then went home, showered & grabbed her bag, then met me outside of the maternity wing of the local hospital.  

She got settled into her room and we went for a walk.  2 laps around the ward and she told me it hurt too much to walk anymore. 
Waiting to her her epidural.
Putting makeup on during full-on labor actually made her blood pressure lower! 

At 5pm, the 2 midwives & the RN shoo'd the family out, except for me & dipshit (I still don't like baby daddy).  Adam was born at 5:32!   
The RN made sure to check her makeup before I could take any pictures - LOL!
8 lbs, 10 oz and 21 1/2 inches long!  A mop of dark hair & huge feets!
Already totally in love with this little guy. 
Great-grandma is thrilled!  
He's #5 great-grandbaby for her, but the only one that lives in the same state.  
So he was born Thursday afternoon, but they didn't get to go home until Saturday night.  Adam had a wee bit of jaundice and the poor guy was stuck under tanning lights for 24 hours.  And they'd been concerned that Angel's heart rate was too high during labor and took way too long to come back down.  So she had an ekg and was checked over by a cardiologist before they decided she was OK.  
Rusty was at the door to meet the new addition.  He seems a wee bit jealous, but hasn't tried to do anything worse than walk where he doesn't need to be (like ON the baby!)
Daisy is taking longer to come around!
Maddie is wondering what this creature is that is taking her person's attention away from her!
He's just too adorable!

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