Friday, April 5, 2019

#AtoZChallenge - Family

Hi, Welcome to my little corner of the Interwebz! I'm doing a pretty random theme this year - things that make me happy / are guilty pleasures / whatever makes me... ME!

Today's letter is for Family.  They're the people I care about /  hang out with most, so I had to write about them!
This is the Love of my life (LOL! - see what I did there??)
Brother #2 thought is would be funny to handcuff us together at our wedding reception and this is how we went around greeting guests!  
We met in 2002 and got married in 2006.  
I could go on and on about how we think alike & how we travel so well together & just enjoying being with each other.  
Token selfie on the airplane last summer on our way to Orlando for her to dance. 
When we were to Charleston SC in 2016 for Nationals, we were on the plane and thought it would be fun to do a face swap selfie....  we were giggling as we took it, then laughed even more because it didn't look any different!  We don't think we look alike, but the camera don't lie!
She's my pride & joy and also the reason I color my hair!
Daad, who passed in October 2009 and Mom.  
 Brother 2 who lives out of state, brother 1 who lives up north, sister 1, sister 2 and me!
Family reunion shenanigans 
Last Christmas in our ugly sweaters.  
This includes 2 nieces & their respective significant others. 
Brother-in-law is missing for some reason.
And these two are my "sisters from another mister".
Check out the selfie, before that was a thing!  I did this with an actual film camera, in 1993.
I met them on my first ship and we were inseparable.  Once the Canopus was decommissioned, we all went our separate ways and lost track of each other until Facebook came around. 
One lives in Ohio now and the other in Texas and in 2017, we got back together.  Even tho we hadn't laid eyes on each other in 23 years, it was like we'd never been apart. 



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