Saturday, April 30, 2016

#AtoZChallenge - Zombie music

One of these days I'm going to make a video of my Maple Grove Cemetery 
and this will be my music..... 
Lindsey Sterling - Moon Trance

Southern Culture on the Skids - Zombiefied

Booby Pickett - Monster Mash

The Skeleton Dance

Backstreet Boys - Everybody


Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Funnies 042816

aka Funny stuff I found on Facebook....

 This one really needs to happen!


#AtoZChallenge - Yuck

For the last 28 days, you've seen all the stuff I DO like.  Of course, I wouldn't have it if I didn't like it!

Here's some of the stuff I avoid.
Horror / slasher movies.

Zombies (and aliens, too)

Erm, no.

Zombie Babies.
NO!  Why????

Blood & guts & violence.
(no images for that one - you're welcome!)
This includes "corpsing" skeletons.  This is where you cover the bones in plastic and melt it with a heat source, then paint / stain the plastic to look like rotted flesh.

Definitely no clowns.
(no images for those either - you're welcome again!)

Any kind of theme or costume with "sexy" or "slutty" in it.

Then there's the things I'm pretty indifferent about.

Although iconic, I'm not into Peanuts, either.
I have seen it, tho!

Vintage Halloween - neat but not my style.

Same with NBC and most Tim Burton offerings.

Inflatables.  Ew No.

The Haunted Mansion is pretty cool, but I never did get on the Disney bandwagon.

I guess my style can be summed up as generic & basic, but that's OK - I like it that way!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Skywatch Friday 4/28

 We had a spectacular sunrise in Macomb County this morning!  
I took the dog outside around 6am and all I could say was WOW!
 "Red Sky in Morn, Sailors Be Warned"
(but all we got was some rain)

We finally got rid of all the dead trees out of the yard and we mowed the lawn for the first time last weekend.  Randy captured this little guy and gave him to me so I could safely move him.  Then I noticed he has extra toes on this foot that's sticking out!  
He's got 5 feets!

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#AtoZChallenge - Xanthophobia

A random, yet relevant post for the letter X. 

Xanthophobia - the fear of the color yellow!



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#AtoZChallenge - Wearables

My Theme Post

By now, is should not be a surprise that I have a lovely selection of Halloween stuff to wear!

Me & my real witchy sisters at a pub crawl a few years back.
We wore pink because it was a fundraiser for breast cancer. 

I must have bought all these at once, hence the picture of them all together. 

I'm pretty sure this isn't all of my socks, either. 

Moving on...
Go  back to my "T" post to read about Tillson Street!

Excuse the cat hair - it happens around here. 

I like to wear this one at work since nobody ever looks close enough to realize there are skulls on it!

I saw this dragon and the blue spider above at an antique mall and had to go back them because I kept thinking about them!  The dragon is too heavy to actually wear on anything, but I'll find something neat to do with it. 

I look so goth here!
Showing off the skeleton cameo necklace.

I like to wear this in the off-season but it hangs at the level to hit the edge of my desk at work.

 I promise I wasn't naked here! 
I found this at the same booth in the antique store as the dragon & blue spider pin, just months later.
I don't normally wear gold (prefer silver) but this is kind of rose-gold.  
I haven't decided to keep this as a necklace, or use it as part of a jewel mosaic art piece that I've been thinking about. 

I have tons of earrings. Love them!  I don't hardly ever wear necklaces or rings other than my wedding bands and US Navy ring, but I do have some!

 Glow in the dark.

 LOL, I wear these to dance competitions, too because they're studio colors. 

I found this at the Ohio Renaissance Festival last October when we went to go visit my brother.  I was able to choose the eye color, so it matches my own pretty closely.  

Do you have any cool H'ween stuff to wear?