Monday, April 4, 2022

C is for Chuck

Hi and welcome to my contribution to the 2022 April A to Z Blogging Challenge!
This is the third of many random things that just pop into my head that I'll be writing about for this challenge.

I'd like to introduce Chuck. 
(Hi, Chuck!!)

Chuck just started out as a joke. We went to go see my brother who lives in Ohio and we thought it would be funny to grab a couple skeletons out of my yard to take along.  Not shown is Al.  He's 5 feet tall.
His first road trip in October 2015.    Somehow he just evolved into a family fixture. 
Text from my sister....
He had a good time at said reception, too!

His Cliffnotes story story is that he's like a Flat Stanley, but 3D.
And a skeleton.  He's been to a lot of places with me!
He's learned some land navigation. 
He's been kayaking a few times. 
He went to Michigan's UP with me & the Spouse last summer. 

This is when he got his own Instagram account (@chuck.d.bones if you're interested) because the guy who was driving our carriage on Mackinac Island asked about him, and then asked about social media..... so I thought about it and made it happen! 

He's been to Arkansas many times, Ohio a few times, he's road-tripped to Texas with me - and will be going again this spring!  He's flown to Tennessee (that was hilarious since the flight attendant took a pic of him and showed it to the pilot...who then came back and brought him a set of wings and also took a pic!), He's been to Chicago for my nephew's wedding.  
On top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire

I'm not sure what he'll be up to next, but it'll be on IG when it happens!

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