Wednesday, April 10, 2019

#AtoZChallenge - my little urban jungles

Hi, Welcome to my little corner of the Interwebz! I'm doing a pretty random theme this year - things that make me happy / are guilty pleasures / whatever makes me... ME!

So I love my plants & gardening.  But I have kinda of a *pale* green thumb - it's hit or miss which plants I'm able to keep alive and happy. 
This is the western wall in my kitchen.  Everything is fairly happy except for the damn spider plant in the hanging pot.   And they're supposed to be pretty easy to grow.  Nope.  Mine has looked that pitiful for several years.   I guess it's good that it's still alive....

I'm not sure of the technical names of some of these - I have 2 ZZ plants, several Christmas cacti (one of which has blooms on it right now), a violet, a type of spiky snake plant that's pretty cool, a small cactus and one with big pale leaves (see - technical! but probably a variety of philodendron)  In my defense, I got most of my plants from the greenhouse and I look for those that like low to medium light. 
This is the northern wall in my kitchen.  There's a Chinese evergreen (maybe), my fairy garden that has a dragon & jack-o-lantern in it, a variety of mother-in-law's tongue (I have another in a stand to the right of these)  The big one is called a Devil's backbone - the stems are all crooked & neat.  Then there's a pothos in the hanging pot (love them!) 
 This little guy came from an arrangement at my Dad's funeral in October 2009 - and it's perfectly happy in its little vase. 
 There are random other plants around the house - bamboo by the kitchen sink, another mother-in-law's tongue on the kitchen table and yet another on the old console radio in the living room - not from from this cast iron plant. 

My jungle also spills over to my office, too!
 The big spiky palm thing came from a coworker a couple months ago.  I couldn't take it home because a) the cats eat anything that resembles grass and b) I don't have room for anything that big.  There are 2 peace lillies (one from a different coworker) on the file cabinet.   There's a succulent that's gone crazy in the little red pot. 
 The bamboo I currently have in my kitchen used to be at work, but the roots filled the coffee mug about 3/4 full to I took that one home & brought this one in.  A coworker also gave me the prayer plant.
 Yet another coworker gave me that monster on the left.  I'm apparently the unwanted plant-adopter of the company.  It started out not even 6 months ago as 2 leaves in a vase of water.  Guess it's happy there!  And the one on the right I've had there for years - It used to be more bush-like but it keeps growing and it's flowered every year - the buds are just now showing. 

What color is your thumb?



  1. Love your plants... they do dress up your home. I used to have plants in my house when I was younger, but now I forget their there and they wither away, so I don't keep them anymore. My A to Z is at:

    1. Since mine are pretty much everywhere, I can't really forget about them so they do get watered regularly! It's like they wave at me... :)

  2. I used to have plants but then I got cats and they love to eat them - and some are poisonous and so that is not good. I kind of miss having plants. Now I have to be happy with a few of them on my deck.

    1. I'm very careful about what kind of plants I have in the house for the same reason! My weird cats only go after certain plants.

  3. My house would look like this too, but now that I live in Florida the plants in containers are doing their jungle thing on the patio.

  4. Loving all the green. I go through stages - no plants, some plants, lots of plants.
    Visiting from the A to Z link you gave on Facebook.

    1. I keep wanting to get more & I have to remind myself that I have no place else to put them!

  5. Loved your plants and I like the way you dressed up your house with the plants. I fail mostly with my indoor plants


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