Friday, September 11, 2020

Not forgotten...

In July 2015, we had a chance to visit the Flight 93 Memorial.  
The Visitor & Learning Centers were still under construction at the time and the Tower of Voices not even begun, so we only got to see the Memorial Plaza.
This says:
September 11, 2001 10:03am
United Airlines Flight 93 crashes into a field two miles
ahead of you, shattering the quiet of the Pennsylvania
countryside.  Those who rush to the scene look on in
disbelief at charred trees and a smoldering crater.  This
community, like countless others across the nation, 
is shaken by the crash and the unimaginable violence
and destruction al-Qaeda terrorists bring to the
Wold Trade Center and the Pentagon.  But as the day
unfolds, this ordinary field reveals a compelling story
of courage and hope.
This Memorial is a tribute to the passengers and crew
of Flight 93 and a place to explore this inspiring story.
You will journey through a landscape that still hints at
its mining past, on your way to a simple field that is
their final resting place, and a lasting testament to the
deeds of 40 extraordinary people. 
There's a name on each section of this wall. 
This boulder marks the end of the debris field and final resting place of the flight.

Also in 2015, my theme for the A-Z Challenge was Notable Women in history.   My "P" post was about Maj. Heather Penney whom I bet nobody knows about. 

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