Friday, May 6, 2022

A to Z Reflections

Please note that I didn't also grab the "winner" badge!

While I did get posts up for over half of the letters, I didn't do them all.

So let's look at the questions on the Official a-z blog post.....

One thing I learned is that I need a definite theme instead of just going with whatever pops into my head. And the letter J kicked my butt. Couldn't think of anything *good* to write about. That being said - I have a definite idea for next year and already have 12 good topics that just flew off my fingertips. Go figure.

And I noticed that April 2023 has 5 Sundays which only leaves 25 days to post....I'm sure the A to Z masterminds will figure that out! I vote for just leaving out the one letter you don't like the most.

I was bummed that I missed all three #AZChat events. I should have set a reminder on my phone.

I give many heartfelt kudos to the A to Z team, since this couldn't have been an easy job, visiting ALL the blogs and keeping things running smoothly. Applause!! And Anjela's graphics were excellent - I hope she stays on the team!

I had 1363 visits to my blog in the last 30 days - which I feel is quite impressive for me. I haven't checked my stats since like last August, so I don't really have a good grip on any growth. But I won't complain about numbers!

I'm not making excuses, but April turned into a crazy busy month for me, so while I did visit a lot of blogs from the Master Sign Up list, I didn't get to hit up very many during the actual month. The one thing that I did notice then - and I brought it up to the A to Z Team, is that some blogs required you to sign in using Facebook or Google in order to comment. Whole lotta nope! And some had no place to comment at all!

I might be biased, since I love my Blogger blog, but some blogs just weren't nice to look at or easy to navigate! And call me weird - why would you ~not~ want the date on your post??
I usually get sunrise pics of this tree, but this is a combination sunset / headlight shot!

I digress...

What needs to change? More info for us who have lost their clue.....! Maybe I missed it, but even after all of these years of doing the A to Z Challenge, I'm still not sure where to put the hashtag! Does it need to be in the blog title or just in the post? It looks like other people commented on the AtoZ blog post with their link for the day - should I have done that?

I won't leave my link of the FB page, since its a public page and there are nosy people in my family who would see my comment. They don't know I blog here (they do know about my Halloween blog and associated social media, tho) and I prefer to keep it that way! They're the type of people who just don't understand why I will write where anyone and their mother can read my business and would leave stupid comments. I know I could moderate or delete them - I just don't want to feel like I have to watch what I say when this is my 'safe space'.

What needs to stay the same? I never know how to answer this question. Keep the blog hop going! I'm sure there are tweaks & improvements that other people will suggest, but I'm happy with how things are.