Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Catching up....

Whew - it's not summer yet, but it sure feels like it!  
It was 96* and approximately 200% humidity when I left work yesterday.  
My delicate northern carcass can't handle this nonsense!  
I really hate to sweat but that's what chubby girls do!  Oh and to make it worse - I had to go grocery shopping (which I hate with a passion) and for some reason, the area by the registers at Meijers are always hot!  So I was sweating before I even left the building! 

Wow - I do need to catch up.  
The grandkids "help" me pick up sticks in the yard. 
We had a yard cleanup day at work and we got done a lot quicker than expected, so I went out to breakfast with a couple girls in different departments that I don't usually get to visit with. 
I had this pile of deliciousness - there's a piece of rye toast & sauteed mushrooms & onions under those eggs.  MmMmMmMmMm
May 1 was Loyalty Day at the VFW.  
We had a nice ceremony & speakers
and we got to meet several people running for office. 
Kisses wants to remind everyone how pretty she is. 
And wants treats!
I was in Ohio last month and visited this beautiful little cemetery.
I love this robin picture. 
We (me, Sis1, Sis2 & Mom) finally got to stop here!
We've had a hard time catching it open when we've gone by. 
LittleMan is done with Tball for the season.  Spawn thinks she's going to find another sport for him to try, since he gets bored standing out in the field and tends to play in the dirt (like any other 4 year old!)
On June 6, there was a 80th anniversary of Dday at the Packard Proving Grounds in Shelby Twp.  They stopped making cars during the war and made tanks instead, so here is one of the WWII Sherman tanks that may have been made here.  
I was almost run over right after I took this pic!  
This gentleman receiving the flag was in Normandy, thankfully on a ship and not on the beach.
This year, some of us from the VFW volunteered to work concessions at the Selfridge ANG base Air Show.   
In case its hard to see - the 6 Thunderbirds are lined up on the runway, getting ready to take off. 
I got to step out of my hotdog stand to watch the Thunderbirds fly. 
My SAR team had 2 call outs for missing people last week!  One had a good ending, one did not.  I went to the first one - of course I was checking in at staging just as the radio call came in that they'd found the little boy safe, after being missing most of the day.  So I didn't get to help look, but I did get to see the look on his mom's face as she ran down the driveway.  That makes it all worthwhile!  The other we all pretty much knew it was going to be a recovery, based on the situation we were told.  The people from our team that went to the scene found him before I could even get off work.  
Wooo!  100K on my car!
Last Wednesday was my 24th work anniversary!  
When I, a new civilian, started here as a temp worker in 2000, 
I never would have dreamed I'd still be here 24 years later. 
This is the first time anyone's made any kind of deal about it! 
The grandkids had been asking to play in the sprinkler and since we're having this heatwave this week, it was a good time to drag it out.  Except I couldn't find the sprinkler, so they got sprayed with the hose instead!  And they got to learn how to drink out of the hose, too. 

I guess I should do some work now - I've been enjoying the peace & quiet in my office, since yesterday there were workers using jackhammers on the sidewalk outside my office (literally just a few feet away) and it was awful.  I got some ear plugs from the shop guys but I could still feel the vibrations up thru the floor and into my body.  But new cement is down and no heavy equipment today!
Dude was not wearing hearing protection!  
None of them were. 
The heavy duty jackhammer. 
They poured cement over an empty water bottle, too!  
I wonder what else they bury? 

Oh crap - I have a meeting???  I better go!

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

#AtoZChallenge - Zombies

#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter Z

Welcome to the last day of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge! 

My theme is things that entertain and/or inspire me. 

Why not?


This is one of my favorite monster trucks.

We just saw him last month in Toledo. 

I have a collection of Hot Wheels Monster trucks and they come out with Halloween editions every year. 

OMG - this is a locally bottled beverage - a hard cherry cider and it's SO GOOOD!
When my nephew and his wife were having their first child, everyone at the shower was invited to draw and color a picture so they could make an ABC book.  My nephew couldn't pronounce "Aunt Lisa" when he was little, so he called me Zaza.  I had to choose Z!  

Saturday, April 27, 2024

#AtoZChallenge - Xanthophobia

 #AtoZChallenge 2024 letter X

Welcome to Day 24 of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge!

My theme is things that inspire and/or entertain me. 

But today's letter doesn't fall in either of those categories. 


The fear of the color yellow.