Sunday, April 28, 2019

#AtoZChallenge - YouTube and all the social media

Hi, Welcome to my little corner of the Interwebz! I'm doing a pretty random theme this year - things that make me happy / are guilty pleasures / whatever makes me... ME!

No shame - I skipped the X post. I had a crazy busy weekend! I'm hoping to get a real non-AtoZ post written soon. Ooooh look - and now I should already have the Z post ready! Nope.
Because a post NEEDS at least one photo - here's the latest picture from one of the truck drivers at work. I have a file folder dating from 2005 filled with pictures of Ron's Dogs in all sorts of costumes & occasions. He used to have 5 dogs of different breeds all lined up, but now he's just down to these poor little ladies. 

Carrying on.....

If you look over to the right sidebar, you can see I have a goodly number of social media sites listed. This is the same set up on my Halloween blog (aka MGC)

LinkedIn, I tend to follow people who are in my line of work (transportation) and US Navy and ARRL (radio) . There's a few bloggers in there, too. 

Facebook is a gimme. I'm on daily. I don't have this blog connected with my personal FB, since most of my family doesn't even know that I blog. They know about my Halloween one and that's enough. 

Instagram is mainly nature / scenery / my cats / randomness. The MGC Insta follows a lot of Chuck the Skeleton's adventures and the display itself as the time gets nearer. 

Snapchat is pretty random, too. If you want to follow me, drop me a note that you're a reader! 

Twitter I don't use much. I made an account to participate in the Twitter Chats we used to have for the A-Z challenge, but other than blog posts being automatically posted there, I don't use it much. I like to follow the local PD / FD on there since they're usually pretty funny. On MGC, I follow a lot of other Halloween displays who seem to use it like I do. Links to posts or videos. 

YouTube is my guilty pleasure. MGC I follow other bloggers / Halloween displays since I love to watch build tutorials & see other people's setups. I post videos of my display & projects, too. My personal channel doesn't have any posts this year, since mainly what I did have posted was Spawn's dance routines! Now that she's not competing..... I'm sure nobody wants to tour my messy house or anything. So my content is now iffy. But what I follow? This goes back to my wide variety of interests. Makeup people like James St. James and Jeffree Star. Woodworking channels (why is Norm Abram so interesting?). The Townsends which is 18th century cooking (don't judge!) World of Wonder since they post all the RuPaul's Drag Race content. One that follows an 18th century cook in a British manor house. Duluth Trading Company (OMG - their commercials are hilarious!!) Ten Second Songs - this guy sings songs with the style of other artists & he's pretty amazing. Bad Lip Reading. The occasional Bob Ross video. PriorAttire shows re-enactors getting dressed in Victorian era clothing. Antique painting restorations. I've gotten sucked into watching nail art videos and cookie decorating - I don't know why somethings catch my attention! 

Pinterest is the one I'm on least. I feel it's good for looking up recipes but I never got into linking blog posts onto there or anything. 

So what's your favorite social media?


  1. I have a YouTube, Facebook (personal and business), Instagram and Pinterest. I have linked my blog to Facebook and Pinterest. I'll have to list my YouTube on my blog now that I've started adding videos (see my letter Y). Nice post!

    Janet’s Smiles

  2. Interesting how you don't use twitter much but use facebook much more. I'm the opposite. I love how there are different types of social media for different types of people. :)

    With Love,


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