Saturday, April 14, 2018

Explore Detroit - M #atozchallenge

Come along with me and explore the beauty & general awesomeness of Detroit, A to Z !

This is the official residence of Detroit's Mayor.  It was built in 1928 along the Detroit River.  An Alex Manoogian bought the house in 1939 after the original owners lost it during the Great Depression. He donated it to the City of Detroit in 1966.
It boasts 4000 square feet and one of the only houses in Detroit with a boat house.  

MGM Grand Detroit 
Was opened in July 1999, as the first luxury casino resort hotel outside of Las Vegas.  It's boasts a 100,000 sq ft casino, 401 hotel rooms, 30,000 sq feet of convention / meeting areas, concert seating for 1200 people and an 8 story parking garage. 
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This beautiful building was formally opened in January 1914 and was open until 1988 when Amtrak stopped services. 
Some renovations have been done, including removing asbestos, replacing windows, and electricity restored.   Ideas for new uses have been thrown around for years - Detroit Police HQ, Michigan State Police HQ, a convention center with maybe another casino, a trade center (because it's so close to the Ambassador Bridge - as seen in the background)  But nothing solid as of yet. 
It's been seen in several movies - Transformers in 2006, The Island in 2005,  Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016.  It's been in the series Detroit 187 and is in several of Eminem's music videos.  
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this is the 3rd of the 4 hotel / casinos in Detroit (Greektown was mentioned in my G post).  There's a 100,000 sq ft casino, a 13,000 sq ft spa, 67,000 sq feet of convention & meeting space and 400 hotel rooms & suites.  Inside is the Sound Board, a concert venue seating 2400 that I can attest is a very nice venue because last November, I went with my sisters to go see the Thunder From Down Under.  



  1. I didn't realize you had so many casinos in Detroit!

  2. Does Detroit have a large Armenian population? I'm thinking Manoogian is an Armenian name, and I know a girl from grammar school who was also Armenian who now lives there. Just curious...


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