Thursday, April 11, 2019

#AtoZChallenge - Kross-stitch

Hi, Welcome to my little corner of the Interwebz! I'm doing a pretty random theme this year - things that make me happy / are guilty pleasures / whatever makes me... ME!

I'm using a bit of artistic license on this letter.  I like to cross-stitch, but I've really slacked off on it. 
I'd only known the Spouse about 6 months and he asked to me to go on vacation (that he'd had planned before he met me) to Alaska!  I bought this kit there and as our relationship progressed, I was determined to have it done before we moved in together so I could hang it in our kitchen.   And there it still hangs,   
This is both of our favorite Bible verse. 
Somehow the frame managed to break, but not the glass so I need to replace it. 
 Obviously - I made this 21+ years ago.  I had it done before Spawn was born and just added her name & birthdate. 
Also hanging in the Spawn's room. 
This is my current project that I'm ashamed to admit I've been "working " on for a good 5 years or so.  It'll be awesome when I get it done! 



  1. I have a couple of those unfinished projects myself, although mine are embroidery not kross-stitch.

    Janet’s Smiles

  2. I've tried cross-stitching and a few of my creations are hanging up on my wall too. Can't say I enjoyed it but they look awesome regardless. Just stoppin in to say 'Hi' from the AtoZ Challenge. Jackie's Bookbytes Letter K

  3. Long ago I did cross stitch. I thought it was a delicate and lovely craft. I can no longer do it - my eyes just can't manage it. Your projects are lovely.


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