Saturday, February 13, 2021

Titles are hard!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted - there literally has been very little going on, which means nothing really worth posting about.

Most important - We're all happy & healthy(ish)!

So let's see.  Looking back (I didn't mention this in my last post) - in addition to my AFib diagnosis, I went into the dentist for what I thought was a cleaning & found out it was for a crown!  Grrr.  I knew we'd talked about waiting until the beginning of the year (insurance reasons) for the crown, but didn't realize that was what this appointment was for!  

So I got my crown and was back in less than a week later for a root canal on the opposite side of my mouth!  Woot!  And then it got infected. 

I can't win.  My cleaning is March 3.  I don't want to go!  
Not my favorite view. 
My little pharmacy.   
There's 2 fewer now since I haven't needed any pain relief for a week now. Which I am happy about because the stuff he gave me was supposed to last 6-8 hours and barely lasted 3 before wearing off!
Random funny stuff we get at work. 
We haven't had any exciting search & rescue stuff going on since the assist last month.  We have a CPR recertification with the sheriff's department next week and next Saturday is an all day class on search & rescue initial actions (SARIA).   I'm not sure what it's about, but the book we'll be using is called Lost Person Behavior, so is will be interesting.

One of my coworkers is going up north this weekend to go snowmobiling with some buddies and I told him to be careful, that I don't want to get called out to look for him! 

We did watch the SuperBowl - mainly for the halftime show and the commercials.  We didn't have very high expectations for either this year.  We were entertained by the halftime show, even with the jock-strap looking masks.  And the commercial for the GM electric batteries with Will Farrell was hilarious!  The office manager at work went around selling squares - and our stereotypical nerdy IT guy, who didn't know how squares work or even watch the game - won 3 quarters!   The bastard.  He could have at least bought lunch for the office. 

So I've been enjoying the day today.  The Spouse went to go hang out with one of his buddies and the Spawn & BabyBoy are out with her male interest.  She should be coming home soon, so I'll have to go out & shovel the snow before they pull into the driveway.  That's the Spouse's major pet-peeve!   

After my last training with the SAR K9 team, I bought a pair of snowpants since my thighs tend to get cold for some odd reason.   Those things are WARM!  I haven't worn them for training yet, but I sure worked up a sweat in 18* while shovelling snow!

Because I need to sign off with adorable-ness...
BabyBoy is now 13 1/2 months old!  
He measured 25.5 lbs and 32 inches tall at his checkup and wears size 18 months!

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