Thursday, April 11, 2024

#AtoZChallenge - Jack of all Trades

#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter J
Welcome to day 10 of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge!
My theme this year is things that inspire and/or entertain me. 

I had a thought the other day that I have so many interests, or jobs, or obligations that sometimes it's hard to switch gears mentally from one to another.  

I'm sure lots of people have this problem - a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" type of thing. 
(who occasionally makes the Spouse dress up and behave in public)
Mom / Grandma
also in this case, chauffeur
Search & rescue technician aka "professional volunteer"
This requires a ton of ongoing training & drills and of course call-outs! 
Hopefully soon, we’ll have the equine division of the SAR team active!

Note to self - this could be a good A to Z theme!
Member of the VFW
I'm the post surgeon (a very minor officer), public affairs / social media officer, 
chairperson for 4 different scholarship programs
and one of only 4 active female members at the post.
Yes, that's me & Mom standing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier in front of an F14.
The USS Abraham Lincoln CVN72, to be exact. 
I wrote more about it in my 2015 Tiger Cruise post....
She still talks about this trip!
Pet parent
Rusty is actually laying on me while Daisy gives him the evil eye.
Chuck's social media person and overall Halloween enthusiast.

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  1. Your pictures show that you have a lot of fun! (And that you stay busy. Whew is right!)


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