Monday, September 30, 2013

Friend Makin' Monday - This or That?

There was abosuletly NO tracking going on this weekend!  Miss Angela's birthday party took up the ~entire~ weekend!
Aaaw!  Look at the round melon!

We ended up with Friend #1 right after school on Friday because her parents were driving down south to pick up their new dog.  Saturday we had breakfast, got Angel's main gift - her belly button pierced - then a field trip to the store to get her cake & such.  

We picked up friend #2 on the way home and friend #3 drove herself over.  We had cake & ice cream and then went to the mall.  That trip was thankfully short - I hate the mall!  Friend #2's parents wanted to meet me before letting her spend the night.  I totally respect that, I do the same.  They inhaled pizza, then I dropped the whole herd off at the movie theater & enjoyed a couple hours of quiet until I got a text to pick them up.  I think they finally went to sleep around 1 am. 

Sunday, I made cinnamon rolls to wake them up and we met my family out at the orchard - and of course it started to rain. So we didn't get to go on the jumping pillows or on the giant drainage pipe slide.  We visited the petting farm and had cider & donuts and it stopped raining long enough to tackle the corn maze. Friends #2 & 3 left from the orchard and we finally got rid of #1 around 7pm last night.

And of course, we still had to take Miss Angela out to dinner, since the hubby had been gone all weekend.  For some reason, she really likes Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill.  They don't have much selection and the food is only so-so.  And Sundays they have live music which was WAY too loud.   But she got her free deep-fried Twinkie and was happy.

Sweet 16 Detroit Red Wings cake! 
I've taught her well. 

Now that her birthday is over.....I get to decorate for Halloween!  Yay!

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This or That?

1. Meat and potatoes or pasta? Meat!  Actually, I like pasta, too.  But there's no possible way I could ever be a vegetarian.

2. Do you prefer Apple or Android?  I've never had an Android (hubby does, tho) so I have to go with Apple.  I'm pretty happy with my iPhone.

3. Do you kiss and tell, or do you keep it private? Keep it private.  I'm married so it's no secret that I'm getting nookie!  No one needs to know details.

4. If you had to choose one, would you choose Facebook or Twitter? I don't Twit, so Facebook.

5. Christmas or Valentine’s Day? Between these 2, Christmas.  But I really prefer Halloween!  It's my absolute favorite.

6. If you joined a band, would you prefer to do vocals or play an instrument?  Hmm, can I choose background vocals?  I have zero musical talent and only mediocre voice.

7. Hot weather or cold weather? Cold.  You can always put layers on.  I am 100% northern girl!

8. Calorie counting or tracking points? Points.  I've been on Weight Watchers it seems like forever.

9. Yoga or kickboxing? I've never tried kickboxing.  Probably a good thing, since I'd want to kick co-workers. And the only yoga I've done is on the Wii. My dentist (of all people) offers a free yoga class once a month, since apparently his is a certified yoga dude, too.

10. East Coast or West Coast? My coast experiences have mostly been limited to Navy bases.  I've been to Kings Bay, GA (lived there 2 years), Norfolk, VA and Mayport / Jacksonville FL. On the West....Alameda CA (now closed), Bremerton & Everett (lived here a combined 3 years) WA.  I really enjoyed the Pacific NW so I'd say there. Sorry, but California didn't impress me. 

Have a great week!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!

At 9:52am on September 28, 1997 - I fell in love!

After 9 uneventful months, Miss Angela Nicole made her 8 lb 13 oz appearance at the civilian hospital in Everett, Wa.  Her dad was out to sea, (we were both enlisted Navy) but her doting grandma was present and watched her arrival into this world. They had to take her immediately over to clean out her lungs (they had to break my water and they discovered she'd poo'd) so when I looked over, a pair of the biggest, bluest eyes were looking right back at me.  ~melt~

Happy Sweet 16, Pnut!  
You're an amazing dancer & an overall good kid 
(as far as teenagers go!)
I am so proud to be your mommy!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

On the right track!

I didn't go to a meeting tonight, but I dropped into the office by my work and weighed in this afternoon.  -0.8!


Oh man, it's been insane around here - Saturday in Miss Angela's Sweet 16 - and her party is apparently going to span the whole weekend.  One friend's parents are going to be out of town, so she'll be over after school tomorrow - hope I survive that!  Brittney is a sweet girl, but she's loud and can be obnoxious.

I'm actually not quite sure how this is going to work.  Randy is going to be gone.  He does radio comm for several MS events over the year & there's one this weekend.  Angel's rather miffed that he won't be here.  I have to pick up the cake Saturday at noon.  One of her gifts is getting her belly button pierced, so we will stop at this little tattoo place in town and get that done.  We'll probably end up at the mall & then to see a movie or something.  Sunday, friend #2 Taylor is coming over early for breakfast and then we're all going out to the orchard to meet the family for a day of fun out there. There may even be extra kids showing up, I don't know!

 Not my idea of a Sweet 16 birthday cake, but this is what she wants!  

I stopped at Hockeytown Authentics (a store that only carries licensed Red Wings & Tigers gear) and got a mini wooden stick to replace that cheesy plastic one and believe it or not.....Red Wings nail polish!!

I went to Zumba for the first time last night!  It was pretty fun.  Since Miss Angela's dance studio is now big enough to have evening classes, the owner offered a free class to drum up interest..  There were probably 12 of us in there - 2 of us clearly had never done it before (and we gravitated to each other & stood next to each other) and I was surprisingly the only dance mom in there, other than Rosita the instructor and Terina the owner.  I think Angel was pretty proud to see me in there - she was in lyrical across the hall but could see into the room where I was.She pointed me out to the other girls and was like yeah - look at my mom shake it!

 Before Zumba

After Zumba


I stopped in the studio when I dropped Angel off and her ballet teacher came in and asked whose car was in the parking lot with a skeleton in it.  Mine!  So she asked to borrow him for her classes!  I don't know how much help he was, since he's not exactly an anatomical specimen.  But I heard the girls had fun dancing with him.

Weekend tracking is non-existent

Anyway, my break is over - I need to get clothes packed for Randy and finish picking up some stuff in the kitchen.  I had gotten to the point where I was overwhelmed. I hate when I get like that!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

...and I don't feel guilty!

I did not do to my meeting / weigh in tonight.  I did take the dog for a 2 mile walk after work tonight and then went out to dinner with the family.

 yay!  I tracked!

Sunday was a total lazy day!  
We had planned to go to the Renaissance Festival, but Randy got an early morning (like 7:30 am early) call from work - let's just say those morons are lucky *I* didn't answer the phone.  But that took forever for him to sort out, but it was off & on drizzling rain so I guess it doesn't matter. 
Hoping to go this weekend instead!

So anyway....not much else to report.  I was pretty discouraged after the last 2 week's gains and with TOM going on right now, I sure wasn't feeling the love of a scale!  

I'm not feeling particularly confident in myself the next week or so anyway.  The 28th is Miss Angela's Sweet 16 and as far as I know, she's only going to have 2 friends over Saturday night and Sunday we're going to the apple orchard with the family like we every year.  My nephew's b-day is the 27th so this is how we celebrate them. She wanted a bounce house, so the orchard is a compromise - they have these giant inflated pillows that kids of all ages can jump on.  They are hysterically fun!!  Anyhoooo.  Orchard = Cider & Donuts.  Yeah.  Bad. But she did say she wants an Edible Arrangement for her birthday, too.  Fruit like melon, apples, grapes, strawberries, pineapple all on sticks and some pieces dipped in the most delectable chocolate.  mmmmmm.  And if I get her a small ice cream cake, I won't have to have any!  yay!

I was supposed to start Zumba at Angel's dance studio this week....but when I texted the owner (Zumba instructor) she said she'd kicked her dishwasher & thought she broke her toe!  So she's going to start them the first week in October and she's going to put the word out on FaceBook & such.  That leads me to believe that I was probably the only one interested at this moment!    That's OK - now I have the chance to go buy a good sports bra, since I don't have one. 

Ugh, work has been insane this week, so I'm going to turn in.  Good news- they changed the dress code to Blue Jean Fridays - woohoooo!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Friend Makin' Monday - Relationships & Dating

This ought to be inter sting - I haven't dated a different person in like 12 years!

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Relationships and Dating

1. List five characteristics that you think are important in a significant other. Honest. Fun-loving / sense of humor. Strong (physical & mental). Being able to talk out issues instead of fighting.  And likes the occasional PDA!

2. If you had to choose between staying single for the next two years (as in, no dating at all,) or receiving $10,000, which would you choose?  I'd pass on the $$.  We still go on regular dates.

3. What is your relationship status? Are you satisfied with it? Happily married for 7 years, together for 11 1/2.

4. Would you date someone who has children?  I think I would.  On the other hand - Randy married me and he knew I came with both kid & cat.  My beloved Skeeter is gone now, but he loves my daughter as if she were his own.  They're both so stubborn sometimes, you'd think she was his!

5. Would you date someone who’s shorter than you? Been there, married him. He's only about an inch or two shorter than me, but since I don't usually wear heels, that's not a big deal.

6. Would you date someone who has different political views? I guess so, as long as they aren't shoved down my throat and aren't the main topic of conversation & such.

7. If you were going on vacation together, would you choose the beach or the mountains? Mountains! I love the scenery & exploring.  I like the ocean, but the beach does nothing for me. I can only sit there under a palm tree and have so many umbrella drinks before I get bored.

8. How do you show someone that you’re interested in them? When I met Randy, it just clicked.  We sat there for hours & just talked.  He said he knew right away that he was going to marry me.  I was slow.

9. Do you prefer to date people who are older than you or younger? I've dated both.  It doesn't matter to me. 

10. Share some details of your dream date. Nothing really fancy.  Exploring old buildings or cemeteries.  Dinner at some place with a really good steak.  Lying out in a field, looking up at the stars.

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions! Don’t forget to go over and link up in the comments!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Settling in back to normal!

So things are getting back to normal this past week.  Well, as normal as it can be around here!  The first full week of school , dance classes started, open house (or meet-the-teachers / see the classrooms), etc. etc.

Sunday night was had a parent meeting at the studio, talking about fund raisers, conventions & of course - competitions.  The team is shooting for Nationals in Sandusky, OH this year, so that was covered.  Monday was the first day of the dance season for Miss Angela.  I wanted to watch a few minutes, her first day in level 4, and all.  I ended up staying for all 3 classes.
Yeah, OW!

Then, Wednesday morning, I got out of the shower to find Miss Angela standing in the living room, doubled over & holding her stomach.  She said she felt like she was being stabbed.  After a brief consultation with Randy and  a call to the school, I took her to the ER.  Angel can be extremely dramatic and "almost dies" several times a week, but she very seldom gets sick and recovers incredibly fast from aches, pains & sprains.  So I knew something was up.

At 7am, check in was very quick and she was taken immediately to a room and checked out.  They ruled out appendicitis fairly quickly since she wasn't feverish or nauseous. I think then, they had a good idea what the issue was and asked if she and I would consent to a pelvic exam.  I won't go into gory details there (the doc didn't really do one anyway) she was hooked up to an IV for fluids & eventually went for an ultrasound.  After much waiting, we found out she has a cyst on her ovary. From what I read, it 'just happens' with no particular cause during ovulation & usually goes away on its own.  Yay!

She really looks hurt!

She didn't get any meds or anything, but we found out if it happens again to give her anti-inflammatories and a heating pad.  We left the hospital shortly after 11, went to get food, and I was at work a little after noon. 

And damned if she didn't dance that night!  Almost 5 hours of classes and she said only one time during lyrical did she feel any pain.  I filled in Terina (studio owner) about her day & she filled in Angel's teachers.  That way, if she seemed off they would know why. 

While she was in class, I braved a downpour & 60 mph wind gusts to go to Open House at the school.  It's pretty interesting.  Basically it's a shortened / modified school day.  We spend 10 minutes in each class, listening to the teacher & 5 minutes between.  I was curious to meet some of her teachers - 1st hour Chemistry?  He is also the athletic director, which he looks the part of.  But she likes his class, so OK!  2nd hour, aerobics - another class she should do well in.  3rd hour, government - another teacher she really likes.  4th hour, med health - which is like a beginning nursing class.  I think she took this in lieu of an actual science class.  But it could also help her when she goes to vet tech school! 5th hour, algebra II.  6th hour, English.  And I can't believe that the students can sign up for this "Remind 101" thing, where the teachers can text them reminders about upcoming quizzes or assignments!!  How cool is that?

Did a little Friday the 13th shopping, too.  I went to Menard's for the first time.  It's about 45 minutes away so I can't see me going every weekend.  But I entertained many people by pushing my new friend around in the cart while I browsed.  He is currently safely buckled in the back seat of my car.

I will be going back closer to Christmas to get some blowmolds.  I really like (want) the Nutcrackers and the candles beyond them. 

I also stopped in Kmart & found these awesome hand towels.  They're very soft & the graphics are beautiful.  I got all of them except the 2nd one from the right.

So tomorrow we're supposed to go to the Renaissance Festival, so that will be fun.  I don't see us dressing up, since it's supposed to fairly cool.  Jeans will be fine for me! 

Speaking of chilly.... below 50* for the past 2 mornings & it was 63 in my house this morning.  I turned the furnace on for a while, but it's older than I am and needs to be cleaned, so I only left it on for a while. 

Anyhoooo, there is a certain floppy eared dog in this room who is letting out some nasty gaseous emissions, so I do believe it's time for a walk!  Angel was happy to run off to a sleepover at a friend's house!  Randy is happily away working on some radio stuff for the county. 

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Friend Makin' Monday - (late) Getting to Know Each Other

Ugh! I've lost a day!!! 

A co-worker was out Friday & yesterday & my boss was also gone yesterday, so I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off all day! Then I got home, tossed in some laundry & then took the dog for a walk. We got back & I realized that we had to leave in less than 30 minutes to get Miss Angela to her dance classes and she hadn't had dinner! 

LOL, even tho we go on walks 3-4 days a week, Jack came in the house & felt the need to do this.

And since Miss Angela started her level 4 (the most advanced level on the studio competition team - so proud!) I was going to stick around and watch for a while, but I ended up staying the whole evening. I snuck a few pics, but the girl in the pink top on the left tattled on me! Actually - they don't care. If I'd wanted, I could have just gone into the room & recorded them.

Can you even imagine????

The teacher has her knees on the backs of her thighs 
& is pulling her shoulders back.
I would have just broke. The paramedics would have had to come & use duct tape to put me back together. 

Alrighty - onto the nitty-gritty!

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Getting To Know Each Other

1. What is your favorite flower? I really like anything that smells good. I am in heaven in the spring when my lilac & crabapple tree are both blooming. The lilac has grown up into the crabapple so it's really pretty, too. I am pretty excited that I got an offshoot of one of my Dad's roses - he passed away in 2009. He loved his roses! It's still a baby rose, so I don't know what color it is yet.

2. What is a date on the calendar that you’re looking forward to? Oh gosh. Probably next Wednesday since I start Zumba!! I wanted to start tomorrow, but I have to go to Open House at the high school. There's also the dance convention in November, competitions in April & May and of course - Nationals in July. Am I a total dance mom or what??

3. List at least five characteristics of your ideal mate. Hmm. Loyal. Fun. Likes to laugh. Likes the occasional PDA. Hard working. Oh look! I described my hubby! 

4. What is your favorite travel destination? oh man. There are many. I love northern Michigan! We've gone that direction the past 2 years on vacation & it's beautiful. I still want to see more of the UP, especially Pictured Rocks Nat'l Lakeshore. I love Hot Springs, AR, too. 

5. What is your idea of the perfect date? I don’t have one perfect date in mind. I'm happy just going out to dinner and browsing at the Salvation Army! Sounds lame, but we have a good time. Mainly just doing stuff together, it doesn't have to be anything fancy.

6. What is your relationship with your family like? They're great in smallish doses. 

7. What time did you wake up this morning? The alarm goes off at 5:30. I'm up by 6.

8. What characteristic do you like most about yourself? Which do you dislike most? I like my creativity & imagination, honesty & loyalty. I dislike my occasional road rage, but I'm working on that. I also have a hard time with strangers. I don't small talk well. 

9. What is your favorite sport to watch? Hockey. No lockout this year, I'm excited!  
Let's Go Red Wings!

10. Share a few interesting things that you did over the weekend. Um. Thinned out my irises & planted some new ones that a guy at work gave me. Planted some mums. Picked up the yard. Mowed the lawn. Laundry. Team parent meeting at the studio.  Can you handle the excitement???

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments. Take a minute to say hello to someone new this week too! Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Checking in

This is gonna be quick, since it's getting pretty late but I want to get the grand embarrassment out of the way.

The verdict after vacation is .....   +1.4 lbs

I didn't think I really went overboard with my eating and I know I made more than one good choice - and did LOTS of walking.   My tracking was non-existent, tho.  I went back to work Wednesday, but I started tracking again Tuesday.  Lunch at McDonalds while out shopping & dinner at Wendy's after another couple hours helping at the studio clearly did me no favors.  But the Berry Almond Grilled Chicken Salad from Wendy's is soooooooooo goood!  And it's only 10 points for the full-size, including the dressing & almonds!  Om nom nom nom.

So anyway....back on the wagon for me!  I already have my lunch made for the morning & clothes laid out.  I was scrambling this morning, since we discovered that this year's bus driver actually gets to the stop before 7 am, where last year's was late every day!  So I have to get Miss Angela up earlier so we can leave earlier.  
I'm pretty excited to be signing up for Zumba at the dance studio next week!  I figured since I'm already going there to take Angel to class, I may as well stay for a while, too! 

Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vacation Days 5-6

 And winding up our trip on Friday & Saturday....

 btw - if you see this in the winter, it often looks like...
(Google Images)

 There were some Coasties up on the lighthouse when we were there. 

Randy thought it would be fun to hang out at the beach for a while.  I'm so not a beach girl!  People looked like they were camping for a week, with their fancy umbrellas, chairs of all types, coolers, etc, etc, etc.  We had towels & a backpack to hold my camera & the sunscreen. 

 And you get the evil eye for not having said cooler with you!

 Holland Lighthouse

 NOAA station

There were a couple little girls, clearly cheerleaders based on how they moved, on the pier doing leg-holds & such.  Someone felt the need to show off, too. 

We left the beach (yay!) and went to Grand Rapids.  We had been invited to stay at Randy's friend Bob's house.  He got home from work at 5, so we timed it to get to his house then.  We visited for a while, then went to dinner. A nice relaxing evening!

Saturday we got up & took Bob & his wfie out to breakfast, then packed up.  We had seen on the news that there was a travelling Vietnam wall nearby, so we went there. 

 This name is SO appropriate!  It was extremely moving and all it was is a WALL in a park!  

 As soon as you came around the corner was this fire truck & ginormous flag. 

This is 1/3 the size of the real wall in Washington DC. There were volunteers there to help you find names if you knew someone who would be on there. Fortunately, we don't. They also had strips of paper & crayons available to do rubbings. 
At noon, there was a fly-by of 4 Vietnam-era planes.  The first pass they were in a diamond.  In the second pass, the second plane from the left had it's lights and smoketrail on.  It peeled off and the other 3 were left in the missing-man formation.  I tear up just thinking about this!  
It was beautiful!

There were a bunch of people there from the GR Veteran's home and 
while we were there, a group of bikers showed up.  
I'd love to know what they were thinking. 

After that, we immersed ourselves in culture & visited the Fredrik Meijer Gardens.  They had gardens & greenhouses to walk thru, and art to look at.  

 I don't get abstract art. 

 "Pokey Penis Cacti"  
I'm sure that's the scientific name for it. 

"Funky Fringe Flower"
also a scientific name

 Corpse Flower.  It really did smell like rotting meat.  
It was gross. 

 "Mad Mom"

 Driftwood-looking bronze horse

"The American Horse" 
This I understand!  A ginormous (anatomically correct) stallion. 


 "Lying Man" - one of the only human sculptures that is clothed.

 In the Children's Garden

Really?  WHY??

It was really nice to be on the way home after all this.  We got home around 6 Saturday night and had the intention of going to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday.  We didn't go.  I hit patchy rain going to pick the dog up from my sister's and we ended up just staying home & chilling.

There is nothing better than using your own bathroom & shower!