Thursday, April 12, 2018

Explore Detroit - K #atozchallenge

Come along with me and explore the beauty & general awesomeness of Detroit, A to Z !

Because, why not?
Kid Rock
Detroit, Michigan

This is the halftime show at the 2012 Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game.

For several years, my daughter's dance studio (along with several hundred of their closest friends) danced at the Lions' Game on Thanksgiving.  The last time they did this was in 2012 for Kid Rock.

And as a proud mom, I took some screen shots of Miss Angela on the field right next to the stage.  

I don't know if it looks the same for everyone, but she's also on the still of the video before you hit play.  Lower right corner, white shorts, black t-shirt, blue bandana tied around her head. 
 Lower center 
and the girl in the gray leggings / black shirt next to her was one of her dance friends. 
Here's she's right in front of Kid Rock - you can see her black shirt & blue bandana. 



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