Sunday, July 26, 2020

Happy Blogiversary to Me

OK, so it was yesterday, but it's hard to believe I've been on Blogger for 11 years!  
I was on Yahoo 360 before that and naively thought I would be able to continue accessing my old blog, but nope.  I should have exported all my content over like they said to but I didn't.  Apparently in 2009 they just deleted everything.  I'm sure there wasn't anything of quality on there anyway.  I don't even remember how long I'd blogged there. No loss!
BabyBoy with his first pair of shoes!  
He's still not sitting up much on his own.  I had to hurry to take this before he fell over.
July 8 was mine & the Spouse's 14th anniversary!  He sent me 14 carnations at work and we went out to dinner at Bad Brad's BBQ that night.  
I forgot that he likes to get me the "traditional" anniversary gift each year  14 is opals and gold jewelry.  Sadly, I don't really like yellow gold and I only wear necklaces if they're long since I have a thick neck.  He got me this pretty opal necklace (I'm wearing it in the dinner pic - you can see how tight it is) and it was uncomfortable.  So I put the charm on an earring so I could wear it!   
I was supposed to get a new crown shortly after the 'rona shutdowns happened so I wore a temporary for like 3 months.  Then I was able to get in to have my "permanent" one cemented in and it lasted just over a week.  It never felt secure or straight, so it didn't surprise me when it popped off.  The hole, however, did surprise me!  So I go back Wednesday for yet another new one.  Woot.  The dentist is NOT my favorite place. 
I took 12 hours of online Zoom classes for my wilderness first aid recertification but we had to do the practicals in person.  So here are a couple people from my team - in the witness-protection program, of course!  The guy sitting on the ground with the bandage around his head was our victim and he really wanted a picture to show his wife, so I took a couple.  He's one of the new members and it was really the first time I got to meet him.  He's going to be a good addition to the team.  And he's funny!
On the way home from wilderness first aid, the GPS took Sis1 and I past our favorite antique store - and the entire upstairs is all Halloween stuff, so we couldn't NOT stop!  
The only thing I bought was this 30" mermaid skeleton.  It was the only thing *so far* that I want for my cemetery. 
BabyBoy helping his Pawpaw change an outlet in the bedroom. 
Seriously, I don't know what moron wired this house, but my late Dad who was an electrician would be appalled at this mess!  We spent a good 45 minutes or so trying to figure out which breakers turned off which rooms. Ideally, there would be one fuse for each room.  We found odd things like the hood over the stove, the hall bathroom and front half our bedroom on one.  The laundry room and the back half of the bedroom on another, the living room and one socket in Spawn's room, etc etc etc.  We never did figure which one turned off the garbage disposal, and we had to have had it off before, since the Spouse replaced it!   
Oh I wish I could sleep like this!
So they decided that we need to attend K9 training at least once a month now.  Which is fine with me, I was going to start doing that anyway!  So I responded that I'd go last weekend.  I always scope out the route of where I'm going beforehand, in this case to see where I could stop for breakfast along the way.  Instead I found this....I had no idea there were nudist camps in Michigan!  So I posted this pic on the team app and asked if anyone had plans to go there afterward?  Then I got engrossed at looking at their website - I had no idea there was an American Association for Nude Recreation and they apparently have week-long conventions!  Interesting.  
I got to chill in a lawn chair with my radio and a clipboard and record all traffic from the teams going out searching and the "victims" themselves.  This sweet guy right here went out and found his victim using the scent they wiped off the handle of her car!  
About 2 hours into the training, we were watching this roll in.  They had me call all victims & teams in from the woods and we all got loaded up and were just rolling down the driveway out of the recreation area when the rain started.  I barely outran the rain all the way home, since it started to pour not long after I got home.  
I had to stop and grab this picture over the lake in the park.  Stunning!
Look at this face.....ADORABLE!
even if he just got done pooping here...

I'm going to sign off since the alarm goes off way too early in the morning!

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