Saturday, March 20, 2021

It's Spring!!

Happy First Day of Spring!!
It's been a while!
I love this tree - I have 1000 pics of it in my phone. 
How's it been going?  Still all good here.  We're all good & healthy. 
We let BabyBoy out of the cart at Target and he took off out of the baby section, across the aisle and into electronics.  I love this pic!  I sent it to the Spouse and told him BabyBoy was following in his footsteps, because if the Spouse ever disappears, I know this is where to find him.
Chillin' in the cart at Target - all he needs is a drink from Starbucks Tim Horton's!
While at Target we got him an outfit for my niece's wedding on 3/6.  And do you think I have any pictures of him in that outfit??  I'm pretty sure the Spawn does, tho. 
Rusty was feeling pretty dapper with the bowtie on.
(love the photobomber back there!)
I waited until *after* the wedding to bring Chuck & his new girlfriend out.
This has to be my all-time absolutely favorite wedding picture!  
I asked the bride if she needed some Kisses in her wedding photos and she knew right away what I meant. 
These nice days are the best!  BabyBoy just roamed around the back yard for easily 45 minutes, carrying his stick around. 
Rusty requires a leash, tho.  But he's happy with it!
Last Sunday we had a drill with the search & rescue team.  Literally all we knew was it was happening around 8am.  Which makes sense, because you never know when a call-out will happen!  
Normally I would be out at Sis1's house (she's also on the SAR team) the night before so we could drive together.  I don't live in the same county, whereas she does = closer to any possible location where the drill would be held.  So I got to her house around 7:45am and we sat there & visited & drank coffee until the call came. 
We thought we would have to pay a toll to get down the road!   
I really don't see geese like this very often!  Usually it's Canadian Geese everywhere.   But this beauty was in the road, singing the song of it's people.

Right after that, a cardinal flew right in front of us - both my sisters firmly believe a cardinal means you're being visited by someone who has passed.  This happened to be on what would have been our Dad's 85th birthday and he passed in 2009, so yeah - Dad paid us a visit.   
 Sis & I were among the first to get there so I volunteered to do radio.  We had a nice covered pavilion with picnic tables to sit at, but it was cold under there - so I did a lot of roaming around in the sun.  They were laughing at me here, because I was trying to eat a donut and they kept wanting to me to contact the teams out in the field - as soon as I took a bite.  So if you look close, in my left hand, under the notebook - there's a donut!
But it was an educational day.  We had a SARIA (Search & Rescue Initial Actions) class a couple weeks ago - that was pretty cool.  It was basically what to do if you're the first on a scene - how to start getting the ball rolling and people out in the field, until someone higher ranking arrives.  And then we covered lost person behavior - there's a book all about this!  It's fascinating.  Anyway, we used what we learned from SARIA to get going and eventually got the subject found.  It was really windy out that day, and the subject had "gotten lost" the day before, so the K9s had a hard time with the scent.  But that's the whole point of drills - to learn new things and put to use things we've already learned!    
This is the face of someone who is up to no good!
I have a bunch of photo albums & pictures frames in baskets under the coffee table and he was trying to be sly, reaching into said basket.

We were supposed to have our annual "GNO" or Girls Night Out tonight, with Mom & the sisters & various nieces but Sis1 got sweaty out working in the barn Thursday and then caught a chill and still isn't feeling 100%, so we postponed it.   So I volunteered to help out with K9 training with the SAR team - they have the dogs out every week, and they strongly encourage the rest of the team to help out with them at least once a month.  Normally it's Sunday morning, but this week it's Saturday afternoon.  Hanging out in a park on a day that's sunny & almost 60*??  Count me in!!

Anyhooo.  I need to finish this up and get some posts pre-written for the A to Z Challenge - it's right around the corner!  

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Monday, March 8, 2021

#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal!

It's that time of year again!  

Welcome to my little corner of the Interwebz!  

I skipped out on the A to Z Challenge last year but now I'm back!  

It was the first time I've missed an A to Z Challenge since 2012! 
Let's see, 2012 / 2013,  I did 3 blogs because I'm a glutton for punishment. 
2014 / 2015 - 2 blogs
2016 - 2019 - 1 blog (because I merged those 2)

My Theme is going to be pretty redundant - it's going to be things that interest me!
I have a wide variety of interests, ranging from being a grandma, being a veteran, being a member of a search & rescue team, Halloween, taphophilia and other fun stuff. 

Hope to make some new friends along the way!

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