Monday, April 3, 2023

B - #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to day 2 of my "truck art" A to Z Challenge!

I was surprised at how many of these I found.  
btw - with the exception of 1 in the upcoming "O" post - these pics were all taken since last May.
Bad Boys Logistics
Baquero Freight Services LLC
Baylor Trucking
Besko Logistics Inc
Big M
Blue Water Trucking
Bowerman Trucking Inc
Bright Sky Transport
Buckhorn Towing
This one is kind of a stand-out since it's the towing company that picked up my car after it was totalled when someone ran into me while stopped at a red light last November. 
Buraq Trucking Inc
Buschur Farms
this is a dairy farm in Ohio



  1. It amazes me how many photos you have colllected. Such fun!

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