Saturday, April 7, 2018

Explore Detroit - G #atozchallenge

Come along with me and explore the beauty & general awesomeness of Detroit, A to Z !

Greektown Hotel / Casino - I'm not a huge fan of gambling, so I've never been to Greektown.  But it is a very prominent fixture on the skyline.  The 30 stories of blue glass are very distinctive! 

Grand Army of the Republic Building - OK, now this is a really cool building!  Built in 1899 as a 'hangout' for Civil War veterans.  After the last of the area's vets passed away in 1942, it went thru several business & organizations (even the Ilitch's of Little Caesars / Red Wings / Pistons / half of Detroit had it for a while), but now it is the home of Mindfield Pictures on the 3rd & 4th floors and the second floor is the event space Castle Hall Detroit.  

Just because it's so awesome, let's see what kind of images I can find on Google....



  1. Wow, how cool. And what a name! Grand Army of the Republic building. Sounds like something from Star Wars :-)

  2. What a cool castle building! I think I would have to try Greektown. I love to play the slot machines :)

    Janet’s Smiles

  3. The big draw in any Greek Town is the food, and from the one time I was in Detroit's I remember the food was superb.

  4. The GAR building is really a uniwue building. So peculiar.


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