Tuesday, April 19, 2022

P is for Procrastination! (and Happy Belated Easter)

Hi and welcome to my contribution to the 2022 April A to Z Blogging Challenge!
This is one of many random things that just pop into my head that I'll be writing about for this challenge. 

I confess that I'm not doing too well on this challenge so far, but I do fully intend on getting all of the posts I've missed so far up & running soon!   I blame "fatigue"  since I have a health issue that apparently causes it - but I had a check up Monday and got some new meds that will hopefully help with that. 

I even missed writing a Happy Easter post!   Which, by the way was fun. 
Kisses, the Easter Equine

Saturday, I had volunteered to work at a local "first responders egg-stravaganza" with my search & rescue team.  We did one the weekend before that was pretty lame - there was literally a ladder fire truck, an ambulance, a FD pumper truck, my SAR team with 4 K9s and the highlight was a med unit helicopter that everyone got to see land and take off.  But there were tons of people there for the egg hunt and to see the Easter bunny. 

This event was super cool.  It was the same idea as the weekend before - times 100!  There were probably 12 fire trucks of all shapes & sizes that you could sit in the cab.  4 police cars, the sheriff's dive team had their trailer and gear there.  An ambulance that you could go in the back, the med unit helicopter again,   Luckily, just seeing all the vehicles was enough for the grandson - so we could pass on the mayhem known as the egg hunt.  
Sparky the Fire Dog
I have the cutest video of him running across the field, yelling "hel-cop, hel-cop!"

At the end of the event when they fired it up to take off, all the fire trucks had their sirens going - it was awesome. 
Spawn & both grand-spawn coming out of "Black Betty"

We went over to my sister's house after the Egg hunt and we had Easter dinner with various family member, then we colored eggs and played some games while having adult beverages.  Then some of us spent the night and the next morning, the Spouse made breakfast and then we had our own egg hunt.  Little Man apparently had a good grasp on what was going on, since as soon as we opened the back door to go look, he saw an egg out in the yard and yelled "yellow!!" and ran towards it.  Too bad it was so cold and windy, or else we would have hid them multiple times, but this year we just did it once. 
Chaos can be so cute!


  1. Keep going!


  2. I'm sorry you're feeling fatigue, Ms Lisa. We're glad we finished all the posts ahead of time. I hope you feel better soon. Your egg hunt sounded fun.
    This looks very difficult, Auntie Tasha. It's difficult enough to blog daily for one month. We will go back to once a week after April. I have no idea how you can do all this work. Do you have a huge staff?
    Ludo from Georges GP World

    1. I'm sorry, I did the wrong button. The second part of that comment was for soemone else :(

  3. I recall getting super excited about helicopters and air planes as a kid. You have been posting despite health issues, thats great !! Hope you feel better and get well soon.

    Jayashree writes


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