Saturday, October 27, 2018

#Blogoween - The Art of Horror

My first book review!  
So I really don't know what I'm doing so here's the pertinent info about this awesome book. 

The Art of Horror
An Illustrated History
Edited by Stephen Jones
Forward by Neil Gaiman

Genre - Pop Culture / Horror / Film / Television
Publisher - Applause Theater & Cinema Books
Publication - October 31, 2015
256 pages
500+ illustrations & photographs
ISBN# 9781495009136

 I won this book in a raffle from another blogger a couple years ago.  I really didn't think it would anything I'd be interested in, but the illustrations & images are so beautiful and interesting!  I'd consider it a Halloween-time coffee table book.   

Inside the cover was a copy of the press release that says " These images continue to inspire nightmarish creatures that wander the streets every Halloween; the tradition of bone-chilling campfire stories; and let's not forget the psyche-scarring films audiences cant get enough of."

I hope it's OK to share some of the images from it!
 The Garden of Earthly Delights (circa 1480-1510) by Hieronymous Bosch
Oil on oak triptych
 Some friends & I found a copy of this in a book in a high school humanities class and we spent days just looking at since there is so much going on.  
 Pandora (2013) by Chema Gil
Digital photograph

Chapter 1 - Vampires, Bloodsuckers, and Other Undead
 Dracula (1994) by Basil Gogos
Acrylics on board
A variety of movie posters

 Chapter 2 - Zombies, mummies and other walking dead
Zombies (2102) by Greg Staples
Acrylics on Board
 Triple Zombie (2012) by Les Edwards
Oils on Board
You've Got Red on You (2013) by Anthony Petrie
Screenprint inspired by the movie Shaun of the Dead. 

 Chapter 3 - Man Made Monsters
Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster (1969) by Basil Gogos

 Chapter 4 - Werewolves & other shape changers
 The Wolfman (2010) by Basil Gogos
Beauty ad the Beast (2009) by Scott Gustafson
Oils on Convas

 Chapter 5 - Ghosts, phantoms and other hauntings
 The Clock Strikes Twelve 1946) by Ronald Clyne
Pencil and India Ink.
The cover of a French language role playing magazine called Grailquest
by John Howe (1986)

 Chapter 6 - Psychos, slashers & serial killers
Edgar Allan Poe (2011) by Scott Gustafson
opening illustration for his novel "Eddie: the Lost Youth of Edgar Allan Poe"

 Chapter 7 - Witches, devils & demons
Depart pour le Sabbat (1910) by Albert Joseph Penot
Salon d'hiver postcard
(sorry - I don't know how to do the French translation to get all the accent marks)
La Muerte (2010) but Chema Gil
Digital photograph

 Chapter 8 - HP Lovecraft & cosmic horrors
Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (1974) by Bruce Pennington
Acrylics on board

 Chapter 9 - Prehistoric monsters & other creatures
Loch Ness Monster by Virgil Finlay
Ink Wash

 Chapter 10 - Alien horrors and other invaders.
Les Selenites (1902) by Geroges Melies
Concept design for the movie "A Trip to the Moon"


Monday, October 22, 2018

#Blogoween - Fairborn, Ohio Halloween Festival

Last weekend, I went to Ohio with Mom & both sisters (and Chuck the skeleton!) to visit the brother in Dayton.  It's always a good time when we get together.!  Also on our agenda was a visit the Lewisburg Haunted Cave (which was so awesome!  Highly recommend!)  and we happened to pick the same weekend as the Halloween Festival in nearby Fairborn. 
Fairborn looked to be a cute little town.  The festival was held in their "downtown" area at the crossroads of Main St & Central Ave.   
Main Street was interesting that it was divided with parking down the center so there was room for twice as many booths on the street!  So this is just one side of the road. 
 Zombie Hunter truck
 Captured zombies
In the center of the crossing of Main & Central was a flag pole & the Veteran's memorial.  It was surrounded by hearses! 
 There are 6 locations for a store called Foy's in this area.  Each held a different type of merchandise.  We only went into the decor & year-round Halloween store (which seemed like a small-town Party City store)
The stores across the street from each other had a cable between them and there was a ghost that went back & forth.   
 There were several houses that had rather elaborate displays. 
These pirate ships were all on trailers!  
 This house on the corner had a LOT of neat stuff!
 Fun fact - to get this look, they used a regular skeleton that you can get at any store right now.  Wrap it in plastic - and use a heat gun on it to melt the plastic.  Then use paint or most likely wood stain to get the awesome grody color. 
 The back yard was filled with zombies & aliens!
These guys in the front yard were enormous! 
 This guy had to raise up & down (we could see a steel I beam behind him & air hoses underneath)
 This building was part of a church!
They have a real saddle & bridle on this horse!
I covet their hearse!  And there's also a real harness on this horse, too. 
The Ghostbusters hearse was fun and if you look to the left - there were skeletons on top of the garage!
I almost lost Chuck!  The great-niece asked to hold him and she fell in love.  
I got him back, but I'm going to send her her very own Chuck.  I have his twin (who's in much better condition) who I think she will be very happy with. 

It was a great trip!

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