Sunday, November 5, 2023

Happy Halloween!

I'm pretty proud of how my yard looks for Halloween!
This guy was originally standing with his hands outstretched - then he fell over and was hanging by a ziptie.  We thought it was funny, so he stayed. 
We call this the Mosh Pit.
The blowmolds get separated from the cemetery so their light doesn't drown out the cemetery lights. 
Marvin was looking pretty awesome up there, front & center!

This the car section of the cemetery. 
ForTiac is in memory of the first 2 cards the Spawn wrecked, a Ford and a Pontiac. Reginald was her elderly Cadillac that gracefully passed away in our driveway and was towed off to the nearest junkyard.  Ruby (the Saturn) was my Vue that I was rear-ended in just before Halloween 2022.  
We only got about 25 kids for trick or treating, which is pretty normal.
We don't have streetlights or sidewalks in our part of the neighborhood. 
2 streets over and there are tons of kids!

November 1
The snow started during Trick or Treating. 
Normally by early afternoon, the yard is 100% bare.  
But the Spouse was sick and I was starting to be, so we folded up the shack and left it out there (on the left) for a couple days until we felt better.  That thing is heavy!
I did get the coffin rolled back in the next day. 
This is the second time I've won an ebay auction and my items arrived the day after Halloween!