Wednesday, August 2, 2023

It's August!?!?!?

Where did July go??  I swear I just posted a week ago, but nope - it was 6/28!

Anyhoo... it's officially my birthday month so I'll accept cash and gifts all month! 
I'm going to be 50 on the 29th.  How insane is that?
I have lots of feelings about that fact, but I don't feel 50.
So this did indeed happen!
I got a good 6 or so inches cut off my hair.  
And it's still not terribly short!  
The Spouse isn't a fan.  I had it done while he was out of town and 3 days after he got home, I brought it up because he'd never mentioned it.  I commented that I know he noticed, so he must hate it.  He just doesn't like short hair.  But ya know what - it doesn't matter how long or short my hair is - when it's hot, it's all twisted up in a clippy so you can't see it anyway!  It looks tons healthier. And I like it - so NEENER!
Grandkids at the 4th of July parade.  
Got to love all the fire trucks with lights & sirens going!
BabyGirl isn't a fan of loud noises, so we did our own fireworks.  
She had a good time with the cheap Kroger fireworks and sparklers.
I ordered a 74" skeleton online.  
I'm pretty excited to get Marvin out with the rest of the army at Halloween!
We signed up LittleMan for tball.  I give kudos to the coaches for putting up with his shenanigans since he doesn't listen when he's interested in something else (like dirt or rocks in the infield!)
We'll have to get him a new glove already for next year since he favors his left hand.  He loves being around the other kids, tho. 
We went with the search & rescue team to a museum in Flint, MI to see an exhibit called "Real Bodies".  It was super cool.  My only issue is that I would have liked to know the age and ethnicity of these subjects.  Because we got the impression that these were all of Asian descent - besides some of them still had eyelids that gave it away - the bodies all had very short, slender builds like the sterotype.  I was looking at a display of healthy vs smokers lungs and I have a hard time believing the MY lungs are as small as these supposedly from an adult.  I'm no athlete but just the volume of my ribcage could hold a lot bigger organs than what we looked at. 
I was however fascinated by what the male's "twigs & berries" looked like without skin! 
Damn groundhogs.  We had to "exhume" the lawn mower! 
Seen at a local elementary school.
We took the grandkids to see "Tons of Trucks" this past weekend.  Basically the city of Rochester Hills emptied their DPW into a nearby parking lot - there was a bucket truck to install street signs, various excavators and front end loaders, snow plows, street sweepers, a steam roller probably minus the steam, one fire truck and 2 county SWAT trucks.  Kids could get into each of the vehicles and touch everything.  And there were a LOT of kids!  
I was sitting on the ground pulling weeds in my flowers and heard a bunch of giggles - Spawn was holding BabyGirl on LittleMan's shoulders.  They were both cracking up! 
We had a surprise party for my Mom's 89th birthday!  This was the one picture I was really wanting to get for her - it's the first time all of her great-grandkids were together.  The 2 on the right live near Chicago and the 3 big ones in the back live in Ohio so they're never here at the same time.  We rented my VFW hall and moved some of the tables to the kids had a place to play out of the way.   We all had a great time and Mom was so surprised! 

Before I sign off, last Tuesday was this blog's 14th birthday!