Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The A-z Challenge is coming soon!


I've mentioned before that I'm doing this challenge for the first time this year.  It should be really fun!  In keeping of the spirit of the name of this blog, all my posts are going to be mainly weight loss / health related.   And while concentrating on keeping posts short, there will be lots of pics.  Nothing terribly deep.  I do Weight Watchers, so a lot of my info will come from their website.

I have most of my posts already done & scheduled to post on the appropriate day, so I can have plenty of time to check out some other blogs - there's already over 1200 blogs signed up!

There's still time!  Go over to Blogging from A-Z to sign up and join in the fun!

A-Z challenge starting soon!!


I've mentioned before that I'm doing this challenge for the first time this year.  It should be really fun!  In keeping of the spirit of the name of this blog, all my posts are going to be completely random.  No particular theme at all, unless you consider randomness a theme!   And while concentrating on keeping posts short, there will be lots of pics.  Nothing terribly deep.
I have most of my posts already done & scheduled to post on the appropriate day, so I can have plenty of time to check out some other blogs - there's already over 1200 blogs signed up!

There's still time!  Go over to Blogging from A-Z to sign up and join in the fun!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Spring!

I know spring actually started last week (and we're having a freeze warning tonight, got to love Michigan!) but the sun is shining and last week I didn't have THESE....

 Cherry blossoms!

 Even the lilacs are thinking about blooming!

Uber-happy Jack rolling in the sun with his ball nearby.

So I really felt bad that we missed going to Angel's grandma's funeral Saturday.  We sent a really nice plant to the funeral home.  I prefer plants over flowers because they last much longer.  I hope the family enjoys them. 

On the plus side - the girls did really well at the competition!  For the line routines, which is all 4 levels of dancers, petites up thru seniors - they got 4th place in jazz line, 3rd place in tap line & 2nd place in hip-hop line!

 5th place 
Teen Small Group Tap
"Boom Boom Bang"

 7th place
Teen Small Group Jazz
"All Dressed up in Love"
...and they thought they sucked at this dance. 
Guess the judges thought different!

Dancers Only

Um, ow!
She'd asked me to do this, but the choreographer decided I was too gentle.

So it was a good weekend.  The bulk of the routines were yesterday & we had to be at the Macomb Center with her in full costume, hair & makeup at 0700.  I'd made her go to be at like 8:30 on Saturday night so she could be up at 5:30 with hopefully no sassy drama from her.  She was surprisingly cheerful & didn't mouth off to me at all!  I was shocked!!  Then we were sitting at the light at the closest intersection to the venue when suddenly Angel exclaimed "I forgot my shoes!!"   Well, the guardian dance fairy was watching over us, because we got home & back in the same time it had been taking us to go one way!  OK, 60+ mph and all green lights helped, too. 

The next comp will be at the same place, which means probably some of the same studios we competed against this time.  Some of them came with easily 100+ kids and were in it seemed like 20 routines.  We had 25 girls and most were in only 5 routines.   Just by sheer numbers, the other studios got more awards.  Oh well.  They held their own & I know I'm not the only parent who is proud of all of them! It was cool that the comp company streamed the comp live on their website, so Randy could stay home, but still see her dance.  So I got random texts throughout the day about what was happening.  And I could text him when I saw our girls in the wings so he could watch. 

I was looking forward to one more day off before going back to work, but that didn't happen.  I got a call around 9:45 to come get Angel from school, she wasn't feeling well.  I found out from FaceBook that at least 4 other girls that I know of stayed home today, too!  Wonder what was up with that?  She's been quiet most of the day, but now she's up roaming around, looking for food. Guess she's OK!

Til later - enjoy the sun!

Friend Makin' Monday - Current Favorites

Happy Monday!
Yeah, I didn't post after my weigh in last week.  I was totally disgusted since I had been doing pretty well (I thought) with my food choices & tracking - only to find out I was up 1.5ish lbs.  I can't freakin' win!  I was so ticked I am ready to throw in the towel.  I'm tired of swearing to myself I'll do better & blah, blah blah.  I'll save that for another post. I don't even know where my book from WW is right now.  Grrrr.

Anyway... We had a busy weekend.  I took Friday off work to run errands, Saturday we had to go support the studio team at a competition & then yesterday the girl danced.  She was in 5 numbers.  I didn't go backstage to get pics between the "line" numbers - which is all 4 levels of dancers from our studio - the petites up to seniors.  They placed 4th for jazz line, 3rd for tap line & 2nd for hiphop line!  WOOHOO!!!

 5th place 
Teen Small Group Tap
"Boom Boom Bang"

 7th place
Teen Small Group Jazz
"All Dressed Up in Love"

 She wanted me to help, but apparently I was too gentle.  
So her choreographer took over!

Right now, it’s time to get to this week’s FMM topic!

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section over at:  www.alltheweigh.com so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

FMM: Current Favorites

  1. Song - Hmmm, probably Canadian Girls by Dean Brody - which is funny, since I'm not Canadian!
  2. Drink – Water with strawberry Crystal Lite
  3. Physical feature of the opposite sex (or the sex that you find attractive) – arms & chest.
  4. TV Show(s) – I don't watch much TV.  But I'm hooked on RuPaul's DragRace (go Latrice!!) and I often watch Top Gear on the BBCA with hubby. 
  5. Actor/Actress – I don't really have a favorite. 
  6. Book – not really a favorite, but this is what I'm currently reading - My Wicked Little Lies by Victoria Alexander.
  7. Form of communication – at work?  by email. Sort of an electronic paper-trail.  Actually, I like email all around, since you can think about what you write before sending.  To fully express feelings, I'd rather be in person. 
  8. Exercise – walking
  9. Food – BBQ beef short ribs. Om nom nom nom nom
  10. Quote – "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?" - RuPaul
Now it’s your turn to answer the questions!  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments.  Happy Monday Friends!

edited to add the quote!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I got a call from the ex this morning. 

First of all - I get along better with him now that I'm not married to him and I've always liked his mom.  I've always sent her cards & pictures of Angel at Christmas & her birthday and was friends with her on facebook long before I was with him.

Anyhoooo - I figured something was wrong when he called at 8am on a weekday.  I'd stepped away from my desk for a minute & missed his call, so I called right back.  Sure enough - his mom had passed away.  She'd had  (I believe) gastric by-pass surgery back in September & had to have 2 more surgeries after that to fix issues.  I thought that was odd anyway, since she wasn't a big woman to even need gastric by-pass.  So maybe he had his info wrong - idk.  And she hadn't been on FB in a long time, someone else had been going on, posting updates about her.  And just maybe 2 days ago, John's sister posted a pic of her, still in the hospital but all the comments were about how well she looked.  Honestly - I thought she looked horrible, but I don't know how she looked before!

So.  I guess the family wants Angel to be at the funeral.  Darla had been living in Nebraska, so there will be a service there and then she's being transported back to Podunk Pig Snout, Texas for another service & her burial.  However......there is a small problem - also known as competition this weekend! 

John's supposed to call as soon as arrangements are made.  I told him that we might not make the Nebraska service, but it should work out that we can make the Texas one.  I will NOT pull her out of competition with only one practice left!  That's totally leaving the entire team in a lurch!

He also made a point of reminding me that his mom is leaving some of her porcelain dolls to Angel.  I remember those dolls.  I had nightmares after walking into the room where she stored them.  There seemed to be hundreds of them!  All staring with those creepy eyes!  {{shudder}}

There's no way I am tossing Angel on a plane and sending her off to a bunch of strangers, so I guess I'm stuck going with her.  This is where the "awkwardness" comes in.  It's been almost exactly 12 years (to the day) since I filed for divorce and we haven't seen him personally since then. 

Next week is going to be a treat!  I'm one of those people who can tear up just by seeing someone else cry!

Edit - I got the info on arrangements - they're taking her directly to Texas, and the service is on Saturday.  In the middle of comp.  So I guess we will just send a large (borderline obnoxious) flower arrangement. 

Oh - and he says he's going to "hand deliver" the creepy ass dolls.  Does he realize that we live over an hour away from both major airports around here?  Apparently not!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Friend Makin' Monday - Online Dating

Hope everyone had a great St. Patty's Day!

Lisa / Angel
Mom / Laurie / Linda

I went out to my sister's house - who called to ask the local restaurant if we could "bring our own party".  So these people were expecting a big rowdy bunch of drunks, but instead they got us.  We were all dressed up and brought in table decorations.  Then we went back to Laurie's house and played cards.  We are such party animals!!

It's Monday!!

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. Take a moment to answer is week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section over at: www.alltheweigh.com so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

FMM: Online Dating

  1. Have you ever tried online dating? Yes
  2. If you’ve done it, what did you like about it? What did you dislike? I liked that it was a way to meet someone, since I was at a time in my life that I didn't get out much - I was a single mom to a 4 year old and was just scraping by living on my own.  I wasn't going to find anyone at either my work or at daycare!
  3. If you haven’t done it, would you? If you have done it, would you do it again? Why or why not?   I had a couple misses at first, but then I found a winner and we've been together almost 10 years and our 6th wedding anniversary will be in July.  Do it again?  I hope not!!
  4. What precautions would you take before going out with someone that you met online? We emailed back and forth for a couple weeks before moving onto the phone.  We met face to face for the first time when my computer crashed & he offered to come look at it.  But he made sure to let me know that it was only if I felt comfortable with it.
  5. Do you have a favorite dating site? If so, what is it?  I met Randy on yahoo personals.
  6. What questions would you ask before agreeing to a date?  We talked about our backgrounds, careers / employment, family, hobbies.
  7. How long would you correspond with someone online before meeting them?  Depends.  I think there's a lot of gut feeling involved, too.
  8. In your opinion, what are the pros to meeting someone online?  You may meet someone you never would have otherwise.  Randy lived only like 5 miles away from me, but I probably never would have run into him.  And it's nice to get to know someone without right away worrying about how you look.  You can get the feeling if you can really be yourself if and when you actually meet.
  9. In your opinion, what are the cons of online dating? You don't know for sure that the person you're talking to is really the way they come across as or if they're acting.
  10. Share a funny or embarrassing online dating experience with us if you have one.  I don't really have one.  Except for having a 2nd date with a guy that he never showed up for.  My work / daycare and my mom's house are all close together, so I never went home after work to get the message that he was cancelling.  So I sat there for a good hour at the restaurant before giving up.  Obviously before cell phones!   With Randy - I agreed for him to come over to look at my dead computer & he showed up early.  The girl (who was 4) was running naked thru my apartment after her bath & I was barefoot and no makeup.  I was mortified, but he said he knew right away I was the one he was going to marry.  :)
Now it’s your turn! Don’t forget to post your answers then come back and link up in the comments! Happy Monday friends!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Day Atfer St. Patty's!

Lisa  /  Angel
Mom / Laurie / Linda

This is all of us when we went out to dinner last night.  I think the guy at the restaurant was expecting a really rowdy bunch, since Laurie called & asked if we could "bring our own party" - as in table decorations & obviously our awesome attire.

We are such Party Animals!  Angel & I went to Laurie's early, before she got home from taking Lisa to a 4-H awards thingy and got the horses put away for the night.  Then everyone arrived & we went to dinner & drove around afterward yelling out the windows of the truck & did a couple Chinese Fire Drills, etc.  Then we went back to Laurie's house & played some card games.  Wooooo! 

Today we came home fairly early, since this afternoon Lisa had another 4-H thing to get shuttled off to, so we didn't even get to go horseback riding.  Oh well - next time!

This week should go by quickly - I took Friday & next Monday off work so I'll be busy making sure I have everything done before Thursday.  Angel has her first competition with the studio this weekend, but luckily it's only about 20 minutes away.  I have to finish a couple minor alterations on 2 of her costumes, but the rest should be good to go! 

And I am going to take advantage of the unseasonably warm temps this week and get some walking in - without the dog! 

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Retirement!!

Yeah, I wish! 

20 years ago today, I was on a bus before the crack of dawn heading to the Military Entrance Processing  Station (MEPS) in downtown Detroit.  Later on that same day, I was on a plane with 2 other people to report to Navy bootcamp in Orlando!

It would be so nice to start receiving a pension at age 38, but that ain't happening!  I only served 8 years and don't regret a single minute of it.

Heehee, I look so young there!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I was catching up on GoogleReader last night & was giggling about my stats when Randy asked me what my latest post was on.  Uhhh - it's kind of been a while, for this particular blog anyway!  I don't even know if he reads this, but if he does - Hi, Sweetie!

I am loving this Spring-y weather!  66 & Sunny yesterday!  I was playing hooky from work & had the windows open in the house & linens hanging out on the clothesline.  The tulips / daffodils / hyacinths are all poking up thru the mulch & the crocuses are starting to bloom in the yard.  Springtime is my favorite time of the year! 
Look at all the green in the flowerbed!

The hooky day wasn't by choice.  Tuesday night I took Angel to dance, then took the dog for a walk around Holland Ponds.  On the way home, my car decided to die.  In traffic.  On a hill.  Once traffic cleared, I had to coast backward onto the shoulder & called Randy to be my savior.  He looked around & suspected it was the alternator - so he got my battery charged up enough for me to get home.  And I barely made it.  It died again at the end of the driveway. We had it towed to our usual guy & he got it all fixed fairly quickly.

 Jack the Tired Beagle

The dog & I waited for him to get there, even tho I was easily within walking distance of home.  I didn't really want to leave my car there alone.  So I called my brother who lives up north.  I don't call him as much as I should.  But we'd gotten some nasty storms Monday night & a tornado had gone right over his house & touched down only a couple miles away!  Scary!  He said he was out on the porch (of course - where else would you be in a severe storm??) and he could hear the wind coming.  Then he could hear the hail coming.  He got 1/2 inch hail piled up like snowdrifts all over the place, but no damage other than some tree branches down.  Whew!  That would gave been scary but neat, too!  I probably would have been out on the porch, too.  I think I'd rather SEE for myself if a funnel cloud is coming at me, then take cover - rather than hide & wait & wonder.

Last Sunday (another wonderful sunny & warm day) we went & found a total of 12 geocaches.  It was quite the adventure.  Note to self - do NOT ever follow the girl when she has the GPS.  She thinks because the arrow is pointing *that* way, you have to go exactly *that* way.  Even tho the destination is 1/4 mile away.  Randy took a leisurely walk across the crest of a hill, down a road, across a sunlit meadow, down a riverside path & BOOM.  Found the the cache.  I stayed with SuperDork and we found the Michigan version of the LeBrea Tar Pits.  Ankle deep mud, picker bushes, vines, downed trees, branches - the works.  "But the arrow says to go this way!!!"  **expletives**   But we survived the day with only minor injuries and overall had a good time.  It was a great way to spend a few hours outside together.  And no teenager drama, either!

OMG, my cousin had posted a link on Facebook that I still don't even know why, but I am hooked - at least for the spring.   WebCams that are streaming live in stables where if you're lucky, you can see a foal or a kid or a lamb being born.  It's like a soap opera!  I already have my favorite ones that I watch the most.  One "miniature horse" aka pony - just had a little one last night.  It is adorable!  It's so cute watching them figure out how to work those long legs & learn how those ears or tail work.  Another had her colt over the weekend, but he was 10 days early & was a bit weak.  But each day I can see he's getting stronger and more active.  What ever shall I do when foaling season is over????    LOL!

Woohoo! St. Patrick's Day on Saturday!  Any big plans?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Friend Makin' Monday - Bookworms Revisited

Happy Monday!  What a spectacular weekend!  The hubby & I took the girl to dance class Saturday, then wandered around a couple antique stores until it was time to pick her up.  Yesterday was 65 & Sunny! ~swoon~    I was talking to a coworker Friday & she mentioned it being a good weekend to do some geocaching & I thought she was brilliant.  Geocaching is basically a treasure hunt using a GPS to find containers that other people have hidden.  You'd be surprised - they're everywhere!!  Anyway, I printed out 14 possible caches within a mile of our house (and that wasn't all of them, either!) and we ended up finding 12. 

We really need to get it to sink in the girl's blonde melon that just because the GPS's arrow points a certain way, that's NOT the only way to get there.  We separated looking for one in the nearby park.  Hubby walked along the parking lot, down a road, across a clearing, and down a sunlit path - boom.  Found it.  The child (with me following to ensure she didn't get lost or die in the process) found the Michigan version of the LeBrea Tar Pits.  The mud was insane.  And picker bushes.  And grasping vines.  And rotted trees.  It was horrible.  The my phone chirps - it's Randy wondering where we are.  ^#(*&!@%$()!  Says the girl "but the arrow is pointing that way!!" GRRRR!!
Glad the rest weren't that bad!

Anyway,  we surivived with only minor injuries and I have my first lovely red nose of the year from the sun!  Joy.  We all had a (mostly) good time & were outside for a good 5 hours.

It’s Monday again, and you know what that means. It’s time for FMM!  I haven't participated in FMM for a past couple weeks and I've missed it!   Love the new image!

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section at: www.alltheweigh.com so we can all see your questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

FMM: Bookworms (Revisited)

  1. How often do you read for pleasure?  Quite often, actually.  Sometimes I find myself reading when I should be cleaning my house or something else equally dull.
  2. Are you currently reading a book? If so, which one?  Right now, I'm re-reading the Duke's Night of Sin by Kathryn Caskie.  I need to get the rest of the series.  I like smut (aka historical romances).  I just finished reading the entire Twilight Saga, and I like them better than the movies.
  3. Do you subscribe to any magazines and/or newspapers?  I get QST, which is a ham radio magazine that comes automatically with membership to the ARRL. 
  4. Do you prefer reading traditional books or using an e-reader?  I've never tried an e-reader but I admit to being intrigued.
  5. How often do you go to the bookstore?  I used to go to Borders in the mall all the time when I was forced to drive the girl there.  But they closed it & now I'm sad. So I don't go very often anymore.
  6. Do you read at the gym? I don't go to the gym.
  7. Have you ever been a member of a book club?  Not that I can remember.
  8. Do you wear glasses when you read? I have to wear glasses or contacts to see farther than my nose...so yes!
  9. Has anyone read the Hunger Games?  No, but I've heard a LOT about it!
  10. What is your favorite thing about reading?  The fact that it can temporarily take me away from reality and get immersed in the story or even an entire family. 
Now it’s your turn! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments! Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weigh In & an Award!!

I was more interested in making my fabulous spaghetti for the family tonight than staying for the WW meeting, but I did go weigh in. 

Down 0.8 lbs!  Yay, me!  I swear in the past week my umm, bosoms, feel like they've gotten smaller. I don't think the hubby has noticed yet, but I'm sure not complaining!!  Those darn things get in the way sometimes!!  That's also a contributing factor to my being a non-runner.  I was a whole lot thinner when I was in the Navy and I hated the bounce then, too. 

Don't get me started ranting about jumping jacks!!!

I got an award, too!  KC from The Occasional Adventures of a Hermit gave me the Versatile Blogger Award!  Woooooo, thank you, thank you (bow, bow, curtsey)!!  I'd also like to thank the Academy...oh wait...that's not right!  LOL!

So I'm supposed to spill 7 random facts about myself and them spread the love to 15 other bloggers.  Alrighty...7 things that aren't already listed in the above tab......let me think!

1.  I have miscellaneous odd little things all around my house.  I'm currently sitting at my kitchen table - I see in the midst of a plant forest, a small toy  Steve Yzerman (former captain of the Detroit Red Wings) holding up the Stanley Cup, a bird made out of rebar, an old rake and some washers.  There's also a spider made out of  beads that I just made last night.  In the living room on a shelf is our wedding cake topper - the bride / groom / flower girl / dog & 2 cats made of polymer clay & googly eyes to look like all of us.  And  a Mr. PotatoHead wearing a Red Wings jersey & holding a hockey stick.  Stuff like that makes me happy!

2. My car is invisible to idiots.  I've been rear ended 3 times & cut off too many times to count.  So I think the military should get rid of haze gray and camouflage and remake everything in 2000 Ford Escort green.  Real Stealth!!!

3.  I love all animals, but I would not hesitate to run over my neighbor's Chihuahua's.  They have a perfectly nice fenced yard and do you think those damn dogs or their kids are ever in that yard?  No.  They live at the other end of the block and those un-collared & un-licensed rodents come down & bark at me in MY yard and torment my dog who is properly restrained!!  I spray them with the hose. 

4.  I prefer to listen to the country radio station out of Windsor instead of the Detroit station.  Their morning show is great, and their news is entertaining, and their weather is usually more accurate than ours, too!  Plus they are required to play X number of Canadian artists (there is a song by Dean Brody called Canadian Girls and it always catches me off guard at the line that goes "she'd give her life for the Red & White" - LOL!)

5. Both the hubby & I refuse to vote Republican or Democrat.  I'm not starting a big political discussion, but we feel the country would be better off with some fresh blood.  Actually, I don't even know the difference between the two or even what our current president is!!!

6.  My next crafty project is mummifying a sock monkey.  I saw someone had done it at a craft show last fall and was selling it for $40!!  No thanks, I will figure it out myself!

7.  My oldest sister & I share a birthday.  I was born on her 13th birthday !!!  Kinda sucked for her to have to share a cake & stuff.  Imagine Sweet 16 & Terrible 3 - LOL!

Alrighty that was tough!  Now I'm supposed to tag 15 other bloggers, but I'm going to wait for a while & spring it on people when they're not expecting it - BWAHAHAHAHA!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Monday!

Actually, I'm pretty happy its over. One of the girls who is sort of in my department at work took Friday & today off for her daughter's baby shower and I've had to cover for her.  Which means I didn't get much of my own work done!

Anyhoooooo.  Last Thursday was the debacle also known as conferences.  And worse yet - Randy got a support call at work and was stuck there, so I had to go!  And to add to the torture, Angel went with me!  I got to see 5 of her 6 teachers - the science teacher apparently is one who will talk as long as you have something to ask - no matter that 7 other parents are waiting patiently.  4 of those 5 teachers basically told me the same thing I've been hearing forever...she's such a great kid, friendly, happy, blah blah blah, but her effort regarding schoolwork sucks and she can't control her social butterfly-ism.  Even the principal knows how she is!  We passed him in the gym & he asked something about her talking so much.  I suggested that we put sound-proof walls around her so she can only see the teacher & he said he was thinking of something along the lines of a cone so she can only see forward - LOL!  I saved the geometry teacher for last.  I sat down & told her who I was & this woman literally went into raptures about what an outstanding, hardworking student she is, with a B+ average.  I just blinked at her.  Then I made sure we were talking about the same kid.  She told me that she didn't think she'd even recognize Angel's voice since she never talks in class!  ~GASP~  Come to find out, she has no buddies in that class. 

Saturday was the Dance Team banquet.  And it was also the night we had tickets to see the Monster trucks!  So we went to the banquet for about an hour & a half, then had to leave.  I'm sad even if Angel isn't about leaving, since she missed out on a lot of photo ops.  So on FaceBook there are all these photos without her.  We ate, then there were a couple awards and the girls all introduced each other & they played a video of most of the performances (a bunch courtesy of me!).  We missed dessert & all the Varsity stuff, but that's OK.

Utica JV Dance Team 
(with Angel)

Traffic was horrible around Ford Field.  I can't believe it was all due to the dog show that was also going on downtown, so it must have been mostly monster truck peoples.   Randy ended up letting us out to go in, and he drove around for another hour or so before he happened to find a decent parking spot.  And wouldn't you know that I left my camera in the car when we jumped out??  We never saw him again until halfway thru the freestyle.  But I did get some pics. 
 I made sure to get one of us, since last year I didn't!


Hot Wheels

 Metal Mulisha




 Maximum Destruction

 Gravedigger - the Legend
(body style from the 80s)

30th Anniversary Gravedigger

It was a fun night.  We already have tickets for January 2013 and we're going to make sure we leave really early, since I hate missing the introductions & they always make an awesome big deal with the National Anthem.  

So anyway, that's all that's going on around here!  Make sure you go sign up for the A to Z Challenge!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Late weigh in post

Happy Sunday!

It's been such a crazy week !  The girl danced at her last basketball game of the season, she's started to bring home costumes from the studio (2 so far!)  I had to miss my meeting Thursday because of school conferences. Saturday was a fancy end-of the year banquet for the dance team, but we had to leave early because we had tickets to see the Monster trucks at Ford Field.  Today I got sheets changed & bathrooms scrubbed down, tops to bottom.  I also found 2 big albums of window clings that I started collecting when Angel was a baby, so I went thru those & got rid of a lot, so there's only one book now.  I feel it was a fairly productive day!

I went to weigh in Saturday, since Randy got stuck at work on a support call Thursday & couldn't go to conferences.  I hate going to conferences.  I can't think of anything I hate worse.  Angel is such a social butterfly that her school work suffers.  If she could force herself to ignore her friends for a while (and the teachers make her pay attention), she could easily be an A/B student in all her classes.  But she doesn't and it shows.  I won't go onto the whole spiel that 4 out of 5 teachers told me (good kid, happy, smiley, but doesn't do her work / turn it in - and I didn't make it to the 6th teacher) but I sat down at the geometry teachers table & I swear this woman went into raptures about what a good, hard-working student she is and her work is excellent.  She told me that she didn't even think she could recognize Angel's voice since she very seldom hears it.   I just sat there & blinked at her.  I even had to make sure we were talking about the same kid!  So what I figured out is that none of her friends are in that class.  Even the principal stopped us (she went with me) and asked how many teachers told me about her talking.  I told him I thought she needed a wall to put around her, so she could only see the teacher and he said he was thinking of something like a cone for a dog to direct her attention forward.  That's really sad (but funny, now that I'm not mad anymore)

So anyway.......I just stopped in st WW to weigh in Saturday & I'm so glad I don't regularly go to this meeting!  It's the last meeting of the week, and from what one of the other ladies in line said, people gave up chocolate for Lent, so they want to see if they're losing weight...I couldn't believe how many people were in there!  But I was down .4 lbs, and this was after skipping last week, too!

I took my measurements tonight.  There wasn't much difference since last time, since it's only been a month.  I noticed when I got dressed up for the banquet Saturday night that my cami (to smooth out lumps & bulges) wasn't as tight as usual.  I was fairly comfortable wearing it!  So that's a good sign!  Woohoo!

The Utica JV Dance team

Have a great week!