Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Day after Memorial Day!

I can't believe I didn't post yesterday.  But my little flags were out along the road & the flag on the house was dipped in respect.  I blame it on being sick.  Oh yeah - and this guy was out!

I've had him for years, I don't even remember where I got him.  I do recall him sitting on the couch in my apartment in Everett with a beer bottle in his hand.  So a long time!
Wouldn’t ya know….I was perfectly healthy all winter & during the “unofficial start to summer” weekend – I get sick??  Started out with a sore throat Saturday night & even now my head feels like its stuffed with cotton and I think my brain has melted & is running out of my nose.   I was a trooper & went in to work, but only for 2 hours.  I did what I needed to do & made sure I saw Michelle – then came back home.   Ugh.  I haven’t slept well since I came down with this, either. 

We had a nice weekend, otherwise.  Not too exciting.  Angel didn’t have school Friday, but I had to work so I left her a list of chores and kept in contact with her by phone (random call from her – MOM!  Someone yakked in the litter box! Well, that makes it easy to clean up!) and later by facebook chat.  Saturday we didn’t do a whole lot.  Sunday we ran a few errands & had every intention of going to a so-called family reunion, but Sunday afternoon we had some severe weather, so Randy went into the EOC & I checked into the SkyWarn net.  We luckily didn’t have any damage, but there were some high winds and heavy rain. Monday we met the family at the cemetery to visit Dad (and Uncle Mel & cousin Kirk).  It was too hot for Mom & Dave, so we were only there for an hour or so.  We got the grass cut that afternoon & the bricks staged along the flowerbeds, ready to be installed.

And of course we grilled!  The most nom-ilicious sirloin steaks on Friday.  Boneless ribs on Saturday & burgers & veggies last night.  NOM NOM NOM NOM

 Feed Me  

Angel & I got the PVC cut for “the Sentries” that I mentioned in the last post.  They’re not going to look how I sketched out.  But we arranged & re-arranged pieces of PVC and finally decided on a pose that we both like.  I really like when she helps me with my H'ween stuff.  She painted my coffin for me & did a darn good job!  And for the last couple years, she decided where all the headstones in the cemetery would go & put them out herself (OK, letting her use a hammer may not be the best of ideas, but only minor injuries so far!!)  I got the chicken wire & now I just have to get out there to start forming!   LOL -  I got the shirts for my guys – but I forgot pants!  That’s OK.  Plenty of time to get them.

OK, short post today.  Since my brain has melted, I can’t concentrate or remember anything.  We’re going to the school tonight for Angel’s play in Drama – Romeo & Julie.  I’ve read the script & its going to be pretty funny!

This guy came to visit while we were mowing the yard. 
He obviously is a regular visitor, since he knew where the bird feeder is supposed to be.

Donald & Gregory

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