Thursday, May 19, 2011


-1.0 lbs

That's a small step in the right direction - I'll take it!

This past week was really tough. I was in a crabby mood for a few days and I was really wanting the munchies. I tried to control myself, and succeeded somewhat. I wasn't happy when I made the good food choices, because I wanted JUNK!

Randy worked late one night so Angel and I went to McDonalds...I passed up the shamrock shake, double cheeseburger & bucket of fries to get a medium sweet tea (3 points) and a southwest grilled chicken salad (6 points).

I had to get a new journal tonight at the meeting, and this one is different from the last 2, so maybe the novelty will help me to document better. I've been doing pretty good lately, documenting anyway. I've gone over points several times.

I'm going to shoot for -1.2 lbs gone for next week - I'll get another gold star and I'll be that much closer to my 50 pound charm!

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