Thursday, May 19, 2011


WooHoo!! I lost another 4 pounds at weigh in tonight, which brings my total to 27 pounds in 11 weeks! The round thing on the left side of the pic is my 25 pound charm and the other is my bronze 10% keychain! I have SO been wanting those! It amazing how something as little as these can be such a huge incentive!

Along with going to the meetings, I've been using the online e-tools. There's a place where you enter your weight each week and it makes a cool little progress chart for you. This is the comment I got....

Please note: You're probably excited to be losing weight, but you're losing faster than is recommended. Although it's normal to lose over 2 lbs in 1 week, if you lose more than an average of 2 lbs per week over a 4-week period, this could pose health risks, such as heart irregularities, anemia or loss of muscle mass. Please slow your weight loss; your doctor can help you do this if you're not sure how, or ask your Leader for ideas.

Hmmmm. Interesting.

But I am so excited! I have one pair of jeans that I need to wear a belt with. I tried wearing them last weekend without one and had to keep hiking them up. And since it's getting cold, I dug out one of my long sleeve shirts this morning, and it hung on me! I've been noticing the cold a lot more. I sat there at work yesterday like a block of ice, while the girl next to me was wearing a t-shirt!! Thank God for hot tea!!!

At the meeting tonight, the leader asked what "words of wisdom" I could pass on to any of the new peeps there, and another lady had already said it better. Just keep documenting everything (if you nibble, then scribble or if you bite it, write it!!) go to the meetings, they're great support. Stay on program as much as possible, and if you have a bad day - get right back on the wagon the very next meal, don't wait til the next day.

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