Thursday, May 19, 2011


-0.2 lbs

Definitely not my best loss ever, but a loss is not a gain, so I won't complain! Oh look - that rhymed!
I know what my problem was this week. I was lax in my journalling - I'd right stuff down, but not figure out how many points it was. And I didn't write things down for 2 or 3 days then had to try to remember what I had and how much. It didn't help that there's like no decent food in the house, so I didn't have the best of choices.

They talked about the new Momentum program at the meeting tonight. I think I need to read more about it - I'm not too sure about it right now. I totally am not doing the new little hunger rating graph - that's just dumb. I plan enough snacks over the day so I don't usually get to the starving point. I do like how they point out what the "filling foods" are - so I'll have my little book close by when I make my list for the grocery store tomorrow!

I also won a Mix it & Match it book at the meeting tonight. 4 weeks ago we wrote down weekly goals and whoever met their goals got in a drawing. There were only 3 of us in the drawing. I wrote down a pound a week, and ended up losing 6.8 - kewl! Anyway, this book is a flip book and you can get ideas for breakfast, lunch & dinner and how many points each will be. I need some new ideas - so this will be great!

So I'm going to journal better this week and ask Angel to show me how to start the DVD player so I can do my belly dancing DVD. I asked Randy to get me the Walk Slim Kit from Leslie Sansome for Christmas. It's got 3 DVDs, a meal plan and a stretchy band. I watched part of one of her workouts online today and it's something I can do in the living room! That's good, since we don't have a lot of room in our tiny house!

Have a good week!

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