Friday, May 20, 2011


-.4 lbs !!!

Wow!  I wasn't expecting a loss at all!  I was so bad this week. I almost didn't weigh in tonight.  I sort of got some hope yesterday when I got on the Wii & it said I was down.  

Didn't do well at all & TOM arrived. We grilled out Saturday & Sunday both & I didn't measure the mass quantities of red meat I blissfully shovelled in. My knee was bothering me Saturday so I didn't do much of anything, but Sunday it was nice so Randy & I went for a walk around Holland Ponds - it was SOOOOOO nice!

I did use the Wii a couple times, and I only did a WAH mile yesterday so I didn't miss the beginning of Game 1 of the playoffs! 

So I'm going to try to do better this week.  I found my knee brace, so I'm ready for if it acts up.  Looks like its supposed to be cool & crappy this weekend, so I'll make sure I put on my shoes before WAHing this time, so my feet don't hurt! 

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