Thursday, May 19, 2011


+0.4 lbs

Boooo! I totally blame Randy and his evil Girl Scout cookies ~ 1/2 box of samoas and a tall glass of milk, to be exact. He brought SEVEN boxes home from work earlier this week and then told me he's got more ordered. EEEK!

Anyway, I really need to get my butt moving again. I never really had to stop after my procedure last week, but I just didn't feel like doing anything. Angel and I took Jack for a nice walk Saturday, since it was sunny & warm and another on Tuesday. It was killing me sitting at work when it was sunny & 58 degrees out! So, I did get a few activity points, but not too many.

Soooo, I am going to really get back to paying attention to my portions again. That is most likely the culprit here. I've been drinking water like it's going out of style, so I know that's not an issue. When I went grocery shopping tonight, I got a variety of frozen veggies. Randy & Angel are picky-poos and probably won't eat them, but I will. I think I'm getting food boredom. It seems like we're having the same things all the time. I flipped thru the entire Momentum cookbook and what really leaped out at me was how many recipes had cooked chunks of tomatoes, peppers & beans. YUCK!

So that was my week. Maybe I should start posting on Mondays, too - so I can be accountable for my weekend......I don't know. I may once in a while.

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