Friday, May 20, 2011


-1.4 lbs!!  OMG !!

I can't believe I actually had a loss !!  I am feeling hope and enthusiasm again! 

LOL, I ordered a book that I saw on the Women's Health website called Look Better Naked by Michele Promaulayko.   It is a 6 week plan and includes menus and workouts and ways to build confidence and stoof.  I think Randy was intrigued when he saw it.  He was happy it's called Look Better instead of Look Good, since he thinks I already look good naked (blush)

But I'm curious to compare their menus to Weight Watchers.  Should be interesting! 

Learn from my fail - AVOID BABY BACK RIBS at all costs!  3 lousy ounces is 7 (yes - SEVEN) points!   And if you must have them - weigh it out before eating.  I took 4 ribs, weighed them, ate the meat, then weighed the bones to see the difference.  21 freakin' points !!!!  ~faint~

So anyway, I'm going mess around with this book & my Points tracker and see what's up.  I'll report back!

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