Friday, May 20, 2011


-.6 lbs this week!

I'm actually pretty happy with that.  It IS a negative, after all!  :D

I have decided that TimBits from Tim Hortons are food crack.  Our evil sales guy brought a box in to work yesterday and just knowing that that box was across the room killed me.  I'd just finished breakfast, too!  I wasn't even close to being hungry but I still wanted to just grab them up by the handfuls & just NOM NOM NOM.  It was tough, but I controlled myself.  Over the course of the morning, I only had 5.  Yes, I'm proud of myself.  I tracked them, too.  At 2 points a pop.  :o

So I've began exercising in earnest now.  Last week I did a lot of running back & forth at work, so I didn't do any extra.  I was too tired by the end of the day!  So Sunday I did 30 minutes of Wii yoga & a 2 mile Walk at Home DVD.  Monday I don't think I did anything.  Tuesday was just the yoga,  Wednesday was the yoga & a 3 mile walk.  Yesterday I confess I didn't do anything.  I know the Wii yoga may not be considered "real" exercise, but after 30 minutes I'm pretty warm!  Muscles are moving & such so it can't be all bad!  Better than sitting on my butt playing Wii mini-golf !!!

Alrighty.  I'm going to keep on truckin'!  I fully expect to OD on red meat this weekend.  It's calling for the 60s & 70s so the grill will be coming out to play.  Beef ribs one night & steak the next.  Oh yeah ! ! ! !

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