Sunday, May 29, 2011

Halloween ideas......

Yes, I know it’s only Memorial Day weekend, but as with anything that requires planning – you can’t wait until the last minute!

This was funny…. Someone on H’ween Forum mentioned these being back in stock, so I ordered one.  When I went to pick it up at the store, the guy brought it out from the back & stood there and looked back and forth between it and me of couple times.  Then he commented that he doesn’t normally see items like this so early in the year.  Heehee! 

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it yet.  The head is a bit small & it’s floppy.  Maybe he’ll chill in the coffin.  idk

Project #2 – the sentries.  My first idea is to make 2 life-sized PVC forms & dress them like goalies but with jack o’lantern helmets. They were going to stand on each side of the driveway by the fence. Of course they’d be called Chris (Osgood) and Jimmy (Howard).  But tonight we went to the Salvation Army & Randy found these matching “STAFF” t-shirts so the goalie idea was tanked.  So I guess they’re going to be bouncers now – LOL!

Project #3 – the outhouse.  OK, I’d really like to build a mausoleum, but my haunt tends to be on the slightly goofy side, so it’ll end up being an outhouse.  It’ll be easier, too.  A mausoleum requires elegant carvings & gargoyles…and I’m still not sure about the whole carving foam sheets thing yet.   I know they can look beautiful and realistic, but I still don’t see how they can be (I can’t think of the words I want – damn it!) tough enough to handle & store.  So I’ll stick with basic plywood.  I can handle that. 

Project #4 – reworking the zombies.  Let’s see.  There’s......

He’s just going to get a new shirt.
I shouldn’t have cut it up because his PVC body shows thru the slashes. 

  She needs the most work.  A chicken wire body & round boobs!
The foam chunks didn’t work out well.

  A new shirt. 

  I’m thinking he needs this shoulders narrowed & he’s going to become Big Mike’s victim. 
I’ll wrap him up in webbing & hang him upside down.

Project #5 – possibly re-doing some of the headstones.  This is a big maybe.  I just repainted them last year & I’m pretty happy with the colors. 

Project #6 - grow your own zombie.  This is the pic from H'ween Forum... is that not the greatest idea??  I was thinking of using the latex arm I got at Spirit last year, but some peoole posted that they cast their own hand from plaster of paris or something like that.  That's better because you can curl the fingers more.  

btw - this is Big Mike.

I'm sure there will be some other tweaks & stuff.  But this is what I have sketched out in my handy-dandy notebook so far.

Haunted House

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