Friday, May 20, 2011


-2.2 lbs ! That takes me back to 211.2 lbs – again! I’d sure like to get below this point !!

So anyway, I’m determined to make sure I have my journal filled out, in its entirety, every night. I’m giving myself a gold star on the calendar when I do. Juvenile, I know. But if it works, I’ll do it !

I’m frankly amazed at exactly how easy it is to get activity points. I just looked up 2 hours of leisure walking (since e-tools don’t list shopping at craft shows) and it was 6 APs! Wow! It may have even been longer than that, but I’ll take those extra 6.

They list all sorts of random things on e-tools. Like scrubbing the bathtub, playing with the dog, raking leaves, even cleaning! Heck – I’ve been missing out on a lot by not journaling properly.


 Light Bulb 2

The lightbulb just came on for me

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