Thursday, May 19, 2011


OK, I chickened out - I didn't weigh in tonight. I used the NWI pass that I got at registration. I think it was a sign because I picked up the blue binder thing I got the first night and the pass fell out.

I just didn't think I was going to do very well if I got on the scale. After Easter's food hangover last weekend, and TOM visiting, I feel huge.

Today I'm starting to feel almost normal again, so I should be fine next week. I went for a walk around the terminal building at work at lunch today, then Angel and I took Jack for another one when we got home tonight. It was such a nice day out! I love spring.

OMG! make it stop! I just had the weirdest urge to go running. Not jogging - running. I probably only would have made it to the corner before hyperventilating, but......that is the most bizarre urge! Maybe one of these days I will cave in and try.

Good news, tho! I got my Hungry dolls! Which of course called for multiple photo ops.

018.jpg image by lisa48317 He hides everywhere!
010-1.jpg image by lisa48317 Teeing off !
017-1.jpg image by lisa48317 The orange ones.
003.jpg image by lisa48317 King Kong Hungry
008-1.jpg image by lisa48317 My personal favorite.
012.jpg image by lisa48317 Eeek! They attack from above!

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