Friday, May 20, 2011


-1.4 lbs !! Yes!

I honestly hope that broke my plateau!  I'm still not down to my all-time low weight from June 11, just I'm pretty close.  I was really self conscious about what I ate, considering I had the class journal.  I even documented the 11 point BK hashbrowns that Angel pawned off on me.  I already know that there's absolutely nothing point-friendly at BK, so I don't know why I agreed to finish them for her.   I should have took them to work and fed the pigeons.

On the other hand - last weekend was fence-painting at Laurie's.  I figured out my activity points and got 25 points for 6 hours!  Granted it wasn't a steady 6 hours, but it was 90+ degrees out.  So I thought it was fair.  And we took at good 45 minute walk that night around the block before camping out in her barn.

I think today was a crap day.  I had all sorts of grand plans to get outside and work in the yard, since it was so nice & cool.  HA!  I was lying across the bed like a lump with a book most of the day.  And before that, i was on the couch with a different book. I did take Jack for a little walk after dinner, but I used his last 3 poo bags, so we came home.

So I suppose I'll be outside tomorrow.  Randy said I have to keep him company as he works on installing his new XM and other radios to his new car.  Incentive!  I have some painting I want to do and I need to pull weeds in the flower beds.  Probably won't take long anyway. 

Dinner tomorrow is going to be ribs on the grill and probably some nice Minnesota wild rice that Randy won in this years Minnesota QSO party radio contest.   I also have some squash that would go nicely on the grill, too.  Hmmmmmm sounding good!

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