Friday, May 20, 2011


-1.8 lbs
-63.8 lbs total

I was slightly nervous about going to WI this week, with TOM arriving and such.  But I was determined to go to a meeting, since I hadn't been to one in forever. But all was good, even tho I got screwed out of taking the bunny home again.  One lousy person had lost more than me.  Damn it. 

I was going to switch my WW blog over to Blogspot like my personal blog, but I don't like that you can't create a simple chart (like on A Work In Progress) in a blog without all sorts of tweaking on the program, etc. Pppft. I had trouble exporting the whole blog from here, so I copied & pasted it. Too much crap & I wasn't happy with it, so I'll stay here. :D All that work isn't for naught, tho. I had a chance to go back & re-read some of the my first posts. I wish I could get that hope & optimism back that I had back then - almost 2 years ago!!
But anyway, I had a big gain 2 weeks after that last post I wrote. Almost put all what I'd lost back on. But then before I went to sleep on Monday, July 26, I had the thought (God Breeze?? Could be!) that I should get my butt up in the morning & take the dog for a walk before work. So I did! And we really enjoyed it!

So we've been going out almost every morning since. I had to leave Jack at home last Friday, much to his dismay! Thursday I'd noticed he seemed to be limping so I left him home to rest. Big DUH! Gee, my legs were sore - maybe his were, too! Sure, we'd gone around the park before, but never multiple days in a row! Poor thing!
Saturday I stopped by work and spent 2 hours breaking up some huge pallets I'd gotten from the building in front, so I thought that was a pretty good workout. Minor injuries and the much appreciated help of 2 different drivers and I felt pretty useless the rest of the day.
Sunday we both rested & Monday I took Jack back out (with his fresh puppi-cure!) and only went halfway around the park. He seemed to do OK, so we're back in business!
So finally getting my butt out moving has had it's affects - 1 lb the first week and 1.8 this week, so things are looking good! Plus buying a new bathing suit in a size 14 that looks really cute on me - and trying on pants in a comfortable 16!!! I admit to not being brave enough to try a 14 in pants yet. I guess the 16s don't feel big enough yet.
I have a theory on what causes muffin-tops. Those tight low-rider jeans take all extra fat & meat starting from your knees and squeeze it up & out over the top. Yup. I never realized that until I tried on a pair in a store. At the time they buttoned up, but felt like they'd cut me in half if I tried to sit. But I still bought them. Now they actually feel pretty good, I can sit & even eat while wearing them!! I'm just not used to wearing anything that snug around my butt anymore.

So I guess I’m just going to keep on doing what I’ve been doing! Seems to be working!

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