Thursday, May 19, 2011


+0.2 lbs.

Damn, damn, damn !!! That's NOT what I wanted to see! Guess I better buckle down this next week and hope I don't sabotage myself this weekend at Mom & Dad's anniversary get-together.

I have really gotten irritated lately with recipes. I've been trying some recipes that I find either on the WW site or and they have not been turning out well at all. I thought I'd be clever and make my own 2 point alfredo sauce for tortellini's and it was totally blah. There was something missing, a certain bite to it. Wasn't too impressed with the shepherd's pie made with ground turkey, either. This kind of sucks because I want to make meals that Randy & Angel will be happy with, too. They are good sports about it, but I'm collecting a pretty good list of what NOT to make again.

I went shopping Tuesday and had Angel be my personal fashion consultant. She has the ability to grab something off the rack that I passed up and it'll be perfect when I try it on. So I got 4 tops, 1 pair of pants, some perfume, 3 pairs of giant hoop earrings and a pearl necklace. Tomorrw we're off to the Salvation Army to look for some sweaters. I'm always cold at work and I've been wearing hoodies, but they really take away from any cuteness my outfit may have.

OK. I'm off to go pout now and watch the hockey game. I'm so ticked at myself!!

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