Friday, May 20, 2011


Oh crap if I know what week it is.  75 calendar weeks, but I haven't weighed in every single week.  So whatever.

tonight's WI = 208.8 lbs
tonights loss = -4.2 lbs
for a total loss of 60.6 lbs !!!!


I finally got over that damn 210 speedbump.  So the exercise has paid off, as well as the pity party crying jag I had Monday (I apparently needed the attitude adjustment) and also I switched from using my paper journal to the one on e-tools to track my daily points.  I like this so much better, since in the book, I tended to write stuff down, but didn't figure out the points, so most of the time I had no idea if I went over or not.  And I never did really know how to figure in the APs and WPs, etc.  This does it for me, plus gives me smiley faces for getting my GHGs in. 


So I was kind of bummed I still didn't get to bring home the Loser Bunny from my meeting.  There is a Happy Bunny keychain that says "Hiya Loser" when you squeeze it and whoever loses the most weigh each week gets to take it home with them.  But at least he didn't go home with a newbie. This lady's been going there longer than me and we always comiserate with each other.  So if I couldn't have him, I'm glad she got him.

So now my next goal is the 75 pound charm!  I have a much more positive outlook on the whole WW thing now, and have for the past couple days.  I was really discouraged for a long time where I even hated the thought of going to the meetings.  But I kept plugging along, so that says something for me.

I heard a really good idea at the meeting tonight.  This guy says he sits down each morning and figures out what he's going to eat that day, so he gets the exact right amount of points.  He writes it all down, then puts a check next to it when he eats it.  That's a good idea!

I went shopping last night for some new pants since I was down to 1 pair that actually fit me.  The rest outgrew me!  It was a productive night, since I came home with 3 really nice pairs of pants & 3 awesome skirts.  I stood there in the dressing room, getting ready to undo my jeans and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I had to stop and check myself out - I was looking goooooood!


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