Thursday, May 19, 2011


Just a little mid-week update here.

I've never posted anything about my measurements, so here they are! The beginning measurement is from 8/14/08 and the current one I took today - 5/12/09.

Upper left arm: 14 = 12.5
Waist :            49.5 = 43
Hips :                 54 = 48.75
Right thigh:        28 = 25

For a grand total of (drumroll please).........

16.25 inches !!!!

I don't know how that converts to clothing sizes, but my elastic waist skirts seem to be a LOT longer now! One in particular was above my ankles last summer - I put it on recently and it touched the tops of my feet. Must be some realtionship between the amount of stretch on the waistband and the length of the garment.

See ya Thursday!

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