Friday, May 20, 2011


-2.6 lbs this week!
total loss 63.4 lbs

LOL, I just noticed I didnt post any entries for the last few weeks that I had gains.   But I did note them on the "Work in Progress" page.

Anyway, I was really surprised that I had any loss, let alone a big one!  Friday, Randy and I went out to dinner (did OK - I got a hula bowl from Max & Erma's) and a movie (evil candy).  Saturday we went to my cousin Todd's surpise 50th birthday party at Buffalo Wild Wings (got a grilled chicken sand w/ teriyaki & fries).  Had a regular Coke at cousin Jennifer's house.  Went to McD's that night (SW grilled chicken salad - OK)  Sunday we had a church picnic - didn't do OK.  Not even gonna try to list what I had. Made no effort to stay on track at all!   Sunday afternoon, another picnic at Aunt Jenny's house.  Also not good.  Monday I had a sausage biscuit & maple dip donut from Timmy's before working at the parade.  Afterward, another picnic.  Monday night, pizza & wings. 

So I've really only been on track since yesterday.   I have been taking this Triple-Tea Fat Burner stuff from Vitamin World, so maybe it's helping.  I almost gave up on it, since after the first week, it really made my face oily & I broke out a lot on my face, chest, back & shoulders. I must be used to it now, since it's not as bad.  But I'm not gonna use that as a crutch. 

So anyway.. tomorrow is mine & Randy's anniversary.  Don't know what the plan is for that yet.  Trollop points, I'm sure!

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