Thursday, May 19, 2011


-1.2 lbs !

That took me over the 30 lb mark and I got another gold star at the meeting tonight! WooHoo!

Tonight we talked about Thanksgiving dinner and how to survive it. So, as usual - they key will be moderation and not seeing how much you can pile onto the plate and shovel it in. I'm afraid the wine will be what gets me, tho. 2 points for a small glass? Who has just one small glass?? Hopefully, since we'll be at my sister's house, I'll be able to rack up some activity points going back and forth out to the barn and if it's nice, taking the dogs for a walk.

Tonight I got the entire yard mowed for the last time this year. The leaves were really thick, so it had some trouble mulching them, but I got it done. It's calling for rain and other crap all weekend, so when I saw it was so nice out when we got home, I had to take advantage! I already took some more Tylenol w/codeine for my back, since I know I'll regret all that pushing, raking & picking up. But if felt good while I was out there!

OK, have to go let puppy in and get the TV on for CSI, so I'm gone!

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