Thursday, May 19, 2011

11/28/08 The Day After Thanksgiving

Well, I don't think I made a total pig of myself, but I am not even going to attempt to figure out how many points I used. I have no idea how many glasses of wine I had Wednesday night - I was feeling very HAPPY, so it must have been quite a few! Mom broke out the tortilla chips & dip, but I only had a couple of those.

Dad made biscuits & gravy yesterday morning. That probably shot my whole day's points right there. I made the lean bean casserole and brought the salad & fixings - so I know there was something fairly decent there. I only made one trip to the table and a good quarter of my plate was salad. I had a scoop of the banana pudding that Linda made and 2 brownies. Those weren't even good, so I shouldn't have bothered. I guess they were made with applesauce, but were heavy - literally. The banana pudding was really good, tho.

Today, we had leftover biscuits & gravy and cinnamon rolls. Mom set out a meat & cheese tray before we left Laurie's so lunch was rather snacky. I had a small piece of apple pie.

I did get some activity in. I went out to the barn a few times, and walked Captain (one of the horses) around the yard yesterday while niece Lisa and Laurie got pictures of Kisses (the other horse). Then today I had to help Laurie get her Christmas stuff down out of the loft in the garage and helped her doctor up a wound on Kisses leg. Then I walked her around the yard while niece Lisa lunged Captain for a while. So between my horse walks & up and down the basement stairs 200 times, I did OK. I know I could have done better, but I feel pretty good with myself right now.

Sunday we're going over to Mom & Dad's house to help move stuff from the attics to the basement so they can get new insulation put in there. So many more trips up and down the stairs.

I can't imagine we'll do much cooking tonight, so I'll get back on track tomorrow. I'm glad I don't have to weigh in until Thursday again this week!

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