Thursday, May 19, 2011


-4 pounds, and a total of 8 inches combined off my upper arm, waist, hips & thigh. I just realized - I lost more inches than that, because I only measured one arm & leg! WooHoo!

I think Randy is getting intrigued. He's seeing that I'm not being deprived of anything and I'm still losing! I keep telling him that there are guys at my meetings, and a lot of places have Men-Only meetings. But I don't want to push him.

I don't think I'll be doing as much walking as I planned - last Sunday we all went for a walk to the park after dinner, and as I turned to look at Randy, I stepped off the side of the road and twisted my ankle and fell. The ankle hurts a tiny bit, but my left knee that came down hard on the pavement is a different story. It's all gashed up and is going to have a doozy of a bruise. This happened about a block and a half from home, too. We finished the walk, but it wasn't as brisk as I'd hoped. I'd gotten to where I let Jack pull me!

My boss Michelle was telling me about the hungry-girl website and they mentioned Dottie's Weight Loss Zone at the meeting. These are some pretty cool sites with a lot of good info. I like being able to check the menu at a place before we go out to dinner and I can make good choices before we even leave.

Avoid the Aussie Cheese Fries at the Outback Steakhouse like the plague! Granted it's 28 ounces, but 2900 calories and 182 grams of fat! 182!! That comes out to 74 points! may as well use a spatula and plaster them directly on my butt.

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