Saturday, May 21, 2011

The afterlife is just like my old life !!!!

Just a quick post tonight in celebration of the Non-End of the World!  That guy who prophesied that was obviously delusional.  Snorting too much California smog.  I bet he feels like such an ass now.

Had a nice visit with another Amanda’s mom / family tonight.  Pnut had asked yesterday to go hang out with her.  Of course I was ¾ of the way done with mowing the yard & had to stop to take her.  Her mom wanted to meet me & of course I wasn’t going to drop her off with some stranger.  So when I went to pick her up, we sat & chatted and ended up staying for dinner, until we finally left around 10!  Dani’s (the mom) Godparents came over & they were the funniest people!  Dave is a Deacon & Rosie is totally not what I expected a religious man’s wife to be!  I think he was tickled because he had a new person to tell his stories to (me!) and some of the remarks she made were just hysterical.  It was a nice evening.

Dani's sister caught me off guard.  Dani had warned me that this sister with the totally unpronounceable name -  Briscillica or something - was a bit slow & odd.  She looked at me & asked what nationality I was.  Uhhh - white?  American??  I wasn't sure how to answer at first.  What she was looking for was basically my ancestry.  Native American / Welsh.  They're Lebanese, but Dani & fam had spent 13 or so years in New Jersey, so she still had the accent - which sounded funny with the occasional Arabic phrase thrown in.
It took 2 cuttings to get the lawn looking decent.  Crazy! It’s been 2 weeks since Randy cut it & we’ve gotten buckets of rain, so it was long & thick.   My poor body hurts & I got some sun on my shoulders – and apparently my nose, too!

So Randy will be home tomorrow evening – yay! 

Pnut & I went to WalMart last night & got enough bricks to make a border around the front flowerbeds.  I was afraid to put any more in my car !!  I still need to get some for the side flowerbed & also some topsoil.  When we got home from there, we unloaded the bricks, grabbed the dog and went for a walk around Holland Ponds.  It was so nice out!  We went off the trail to look at a “waterfall” and going back to the trail, I scared up a big fat garter snake, so I caught it!  This pic is so funny!  I was talking to Angel, but looking at it, so it looks like I’m going to bite its head off. 

Yeah, it peed on me, too.  Neat. 

Going back to the car, we passed this 200 year old man carrying bags & bags of photography equipment & he asked if we saw anything good.  We told him about a family of geese & the herons on their nests.  He showed us a shot he got of a red-winged blackbird on her nest.  With the size of the lens on his camera, he was probably ½ mile away & you could see feather detail on that bird!  Beautiful, tho!

Alrighty.  I think I’m going to take some aspirin & go to bed.

Btw – the braces are doing well.  They hurt for the first day or so, but I haven’t heard her complain since.  She has been very careful about how & what she eats, tho.  Until I caught her with gum tonight!!  ~~smack!!~~

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